So where is GlossyBox (India)?

Before I start, let me make a few things clear!
Is this a hate post? No. Let's call it a factual post.
Why stir the topic so late? Well, I thought of giving the 'intended party' a fair amount of time and chance before I write about it!
Am I doing this to grab attention? Yes, of the 'intended party'!! 
And also, to make you aware of what happened till now.

Glossybox created a pre-launch fervour by hosting launch giveaways on a number of blogs across Indian beauty and fashion blogosphere, along with one on their own FB page too, at the start of February 2012. All was well, till then. 

However by mid-Feb they announced, that they had to delay their launch till late 2012. 

That created a huge confusion about the giveaways going on around in so many blogs and what would happen to the prizes, forget the boxes promised to the bloggers. When queried about them, they gave a delayed response and promised some other solutions for the prizes.

Two weeks later when I queried about the prize, they said they have them ready to send out. I got relaxed about it by then.

Almost a month passed, and my giveaway winner Swati, contacted me again asking about the prize which she still haven't received. I asked my fellow beauty bloggers if any of their giveaway winners received their prizes. Surprisingly, noone did! I wrote to them again in the first week of April, to which I didn't get any response till date.

Well, it turned out to be such an embarassment for all the bloggers who co-hosted the giveaways. This was highly unethical of them.

I thank my giveaway winner Swati, who had been so sweet and patient throughout this whole ordeal. And I thought of compensating her by myself and hope she is happy with the little surprise I managed to give her.

I have lost my faith on GlossyBox and am quite less excited about their launch, if that is going to ever happen. Even if they launch, I doubt they would be able to gain the lost trust of the people! We can only wait and watch!

P.S. Did anyone notice that a few other beauty boxes which were supposed to launch at the same time have vanished too, along with GlossyBox? Wonder why??!! :P


  1. I heard that some issues with companies in India in getting samples itseems. That is the reason they were not able to launch :( God knows what happend :P Guess India is still unlucky with beauty boxes :(

    1. Now I really don't care about their launch. It was just unethical on their part to not provide the promised prizes to the winners!

  2. It was good that you wrote this post!! It was needed!! It was very very embaressing and lots on time waste involving in it!Even i sent gifts to my giveaway wsinner! yaa all have vaniched,lushbox never came, glossybox is hiding and blisscovered almost vanished !

  3. Oh I had won it in Riddhi's blog too :| I asked her once and she was equally clueless, poor thing :( I know how embarrassing it is for you guys who hosted it :@ Forget the gifts won, they'll never gain the trust back :x I am so glad you threw light on this issue Pooja :) Hope they know that we know :|
    Namita <3

  4. yep there was a lushbox. I was curious about blissdiscovered n glossybox but donno y i signed up with them. did not hear from them there after. i had sent glossybox details of my winner for the jabong voucher. she did not receive it. Lastly, i sent her a collossal kajal as a token of courtsey. it was a horrible experience all together ! n now i hear even blissdiscovered is failing in some accounts and hence am least bothered about any such sites now ! *humph*

  5. haha...I won it on Taps blog and then, Taps sent me a sweet surprise :) but, its very unprofessional on their part to behave like that.

  6. gud that u did this post!!

  7. I am so pi**ed off with their unprofessional approach.. I too have written couple of emails to them but no response so far.. They have been such a big FAIL.. Likewise Blisscovered has also disappointed.. they started off well but have disappeared .. I wonder if they do no market research before launching ?

    1. seriously.....their approach towards the whole issue was unacceptable!

  8. Seriously Pooja.. this was a big messy affair.. and they trapped so many bloggers to organize giveaways and stuff...

  9. A frank, well-written article - and it's amazing to see how passionate each of the responses to this article is. Not sure if you've already seen this - (launched last month) - I think you will find it interesting.

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