Deborah Milano Ombretto Mono Hi-tech Eyeshadow -Shade Number 50 Review & EOTD

Hola ladies! Hope you guys are doing well. I am feeling a lot better now, and quite enjoying the summer rains here in the evenings, though the thunderous lightning gets creepy at times if you are out and about on your own :P. I don't know why I like to update you guys on the weather like some news reporter #CREEPY! 

Anyway, lets keep all the creepiness aside, and get on with today's review of the Deborah Milano Ombretto Mono Hi-tech Eyeshadow in Shade Number 50 which doesn't have a shade name but only a number to be recognised by, poor thing!

PRICE: Rs.295

QUANTITY: Not mentioned but I guess around 1.5 - 2 g

Multi-reflecting eye shadow. Glides on evenly and adheres perfectly. Looks gorgeous all day long. Use wet&dry for a versatile application. With special curved applicator. Hypoallergenic. 

MY EXPERIENCE: This was my first time experience with baked eyeshadow. I loved the look of the product on first sight, as it almost looked like a silver moon (with supposed craters ;) ) on a dark night in that packaging. The eyeshadow can be used both dry and wet. However, when used dry it doesn't come out much pigmented and blending is a little difficult when I tried to use it as a highlighter on the browbone. When used wet, one needs to pat on the eyeshadow and it comes out as a nice pearly, iridescent silver shade on the eyes. It didn't crease on me even after quite a few hours. The product comes with sponge tip applicator which isn't of much help.


Have used the Deborah Milano Ombretto Mono Hi-tech Eyeshadow, slightly wet, on the inner half of the eyelid, blended with an eggplant shade mineral eyeshadow from Nique cosmetics. Have used Deborah Milano Kajal as a base on the outer V area to darken the purple shade and also used it for tightlining.

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Products used:

  • The silver shade gives a pearly, iridescent hue and isn't OTT sparkly.
  • Comes in a baked form and can be used both dry and wet.
  • The texture is soft and smooth, but blending takes a little extra effort when used dry.
  • Really liked the packaging and the look of the product.
  • Quantity is great for the price paid and comparable to other brands.

  • Comes out less pigmented when used dry.
  • There is a bit of fallout, though it is negligible.
  • It doesn't have shade names but only numbers.

VERDICT: There are some pretty shades available in this range. If you like to collect mono shadows, this can be a budget buy, otherwise you can go for the trios with just two hundred bucks more for more color options.

RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5


  1. EOTD is fab Pooja <3 I had been longing to try out these e/s..but weren't sure how they would fare..thnx for reviewing..n yups,,kal ja baaj porchilo..bhoye tv theke freeze shob switch off kore bosechilam :O

    1. Thank u :-*
      sottii ritimoto bhoyanok baaj porchilo ei kodin!!

  2. Very Very Pretty Pooja, I specially like that you managed to create this fab look with so few products! Great going :)

    1. Coming from u, its a huge compliment for me :) Thank u so much! :D

  3. wow..pooja really interesting blog..if u wish lets folllow each other..

  4. this silver looks perfectly pigmented and not OTT :)

    1. yes not OTT, but either its better to use wet or layer it to show the proper color!


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