NYX eyeshadow palatte: 78 colors Swatch Post

Hey gals! Here is the swatch post of the NYX eyeshadow palatte, as promised. :) Beware, the post is picture heavy! ;)

It took quite a bit of time & effort to swatch all the colors. All the swatches are 1-2 swipe of colors on my dry skin, without any base/primer and without flash.

Set 1:  

Set 2: 

Set 3:  

Set 4: 

Set 5: 

Set 6: 

Set 7: 

Set 8: 

Set 9: 

Set 10: 

Set 11: 

Set 12: 

Set 13: 

There are a few repetitive shades, like the shimmery orange one and a few too many highlighter shades. It has a mix of shimmery, pearly and matte shadows. I wished there were few more darker greens and blues! Will do a detailed review later on. Hope this post helps! :)


  1. Wow!! that's a lot of swatches!! really pretty colors... Thanks for sharing ^_^~

  2. wow the swatches look beautiful.. nice post Pooja!! :)

    waiting for the review Post!! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Original price $25 but you can get it at discount $21.25, Shipping is a bit costly though. Check my post here: http://beautybrainsbrawns.blogspot.in/2012/04/blanc-ii-noir-review-for-all-nyx-crazed.html

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    1. oyee u have so many palettes...the sum of it would leave these behind :P

  5. very nice palette ... i think affordable too for such a big palette

  6. Hi there, can you share which ones are the matte colors? Are there any matte dark browns? :-)

  7. Hi, could you share which ones are the matte colors? Are there any dark browns in matte? :-)

    1. Almost all the rows have a few matte colors and there are matte browns too :)


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