Beauty Check - Part 8

Hey I am back again with this series! And today's topic would be Ombré Lips. The "Ombré Effect" trend started from last year, be it in Ombré Nails, Ombré Hair and now we have Ombré Lips! :D

What is this Ombré Effect?
Ombré is French for an effect with a gradual colour transition from light to dark.

How to achieve the Ombré Effect pout?
  • Find two contrasting lip colors (preferably matte) that are in the same color family.
  • Apply the darker, opaque lipstick and fill in the entire lip.
  • Apply the lighter lipstick in the middle of your pout.
  • Blend and add some clear gloss.
  • Keep the rest of you makeup neutral.

Here is a video tutorial to help you!

Skip to 2.00 minutes to see the tutorial.

Hope you liked the post! Do let me know if you enjoy this series! You can check the other posts under this series here.

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  1. recently i was wondering about it too.. like what dis ombre effect,ombre effect di :D

  2. yeah ive seen this trend before.. liked the ombre effect on nails :) but for lips nooo :(

    1. :D ya its not really suitable for us...but I like the one in the video as it's quite subtle :)


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