Khadi Aloe Vera Moisturiser Review

Surfing through random shopping websites, at random hours and hoarding buying random products is becoming my favourite pastime. On one such spree, I got myself this Aloe Vera moisturiser from Khadi. Why? Because, a) I wanted a different moisturiser to try out and b) I haven't ever tried the Khadi brand. So after a couple of weeks of using it, I am here with my review.

PRICE: Rs.100



WHAT IT CLAIMS : "Nourishing & Oil-free moisturiser which helps to replenish the lost skin moisture. Use after skin treatments. Can be used for all skin types."

MY EXPERIENCE: Khadi Aloe Vera is a pale green moisturiser, that is runny in consistency and spreads easily. However, it takes a little time to seep into skin completely. So I need to massage it longer. It feels a little heavy after the initial application. But when it gets absorbed fully, it leaves skin soft, smooth and well moisturised for long hours. I don't feel the need of re-application (can't say if the case would be same in winters or not, but I am hoping it would work all the same). It has got a sharp herbal smell that is pertained by the skin. It comes in a flip-top cap jar packaging. It's a bit bulky and I think it might spill under pressure, so not very travel friendly.

  • The moisturiser is thin in consistency and spread easily so a little product is enough. Ofcourse you can layer more according to your needs.
  • Didn't cause any irritation. Rather gives a cool feeling on application which might be due to the Aloe Vera. 
  • It has got a sharp herbal smell, which doesn't bother me and I kinda like it. 
  • My skin remains moisturised almost the whole day.
  • Very affordable and economical for the quantity you get.

  • Requires extra blending time to get totally absorbed.
  • Feels a bit heavy after application which I hate.
  • The no-nonsense packaging is too boring. :P

VERDICT: This is a pretty decent moisturiser which does it's work and I guess it would suit all skin types (might turn a bit oily for oily-skinned ladies in summer). For the price and the goodness of herbal ingredients, I would surely recommend you  to try this.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


  1. no mention of preservatives in the ingredients list?

  2. nice one... but i hate the packaging . I got a body wash n a shampoo both are same ..grr

  3. Woww great review, I am getting their aloe vera peeling scrub and pudina scrub gel! Lets see how they fair on my skin!

    1. u shopped again?? *banghead* :P
      ok would be waiting for ur reviews :)

  4. I love aloe vera related products as it tends to provide full moisture to skin. Thanks for the review =)

  5. Hi Pooja, Thanks for entering giveaway on Shopping, Style and Us. Hope you are the winner.

    Apart from this, when I saw your profile, I was stunned by your picture, you are gorgeous!! and your skin is to die for. Lovely blog!!


    1. Hey Jiya! Ur lovely comment made my day! Thank you so much dear :) but my skin isn't really good in real and is very sensitive :(


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