Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash Review

Summers leads to accumulation of dust, grime and sweat on skin. Add to that oiliness and it's perfect environment for a bunch of pimples/acnes to rear their head. It is important to wash our face frequently through out the day, to get rid of the dirt and oil before it causes any reaction to our skin. And a face wash ensures that skin is cleansed properly. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash has been my go-to face wash ever since my high school days. And I thought of reviewing it for all of you,

PRICE: Rs. 115.00

QUANTITY: 150 ml


WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Enriched with Neem and Turmeric. 
Neem , well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence.
Further, when combined with Turmeric , it effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria."

MY EXPERIENCE: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash comes in a tube packaging with fliptop cap. the face wash is light green in color and of medium consistency. It has got a fresh, sweet herbal smell which I really like. Spreads and lathers decently, leaving a very cleansed feeling on skin without any drying or stretchy effect. It clarifies skin to certain extent, though it doesn't stop the occasional pimples on me. However, a friend of mine, who has severe acne problem, swears by this product as it helped to clarify her skin a lot and diminished the occurence of acne/pimples too and I have seen the results myself. 

  • It lathers decently and cleanses skin effectively without making it too dry/stretchy.
  • I am really fond of the sweet herbal smell and it has a relaxing effect on me.
  • Clarifies skin to a great extent. Though I won't say it stops pimples completely!
  • When I feel lazy (read: most of the times), it doubles up as a makeup (non-waterproof) cleanser for me and quite effective at that too.
  • Economical and comes in variable sizes to suit your pocket.

  • I can't think of any. Maybe the fact, that it doesn't lather huge like other soapy products, I use a bit extra amount of product and it finishes up quickly!

VERDICT: If I ever get to choose only one face wash, this would be it. It is pocket friendly and effective as per it's claims (mostly). Do let me know if you have tried this one! 

RATINGS: 4.75 out of 5


  1. Its a life savior for so many ppl i know . . . :)

  2. this is one product which has never let me down... i have this fetish of trying out different face washes but this one remains constant. Another such hg for me is the nature's co. cucumber face wash. I can't live without this too I guess :P

  3. this is the first face wash i ever used....still using it

  4. I've tried plenty of Himalaya's product such as its foaming wash and acne cream. But I haven't tried this one yet, guess I need to drop by our local drugstore to have one of this! Thanks for the review ^_^~

  5. Hey, I don't know if I am the only one. But I have acne on my cheekbones, a lot of it. So I started using Neem wash, since it's herbal..there is never any side effects..but my forehead started to breakout..and i NEVER get acne on my forehead..I don't know if i am doing something wrong, or any insights?


  6. Hey, I started using the Neem wash, I have the same one from the picture. I have acne on my cheeks, like a lot..so ever since I started using this face wash..the acne on my cheek is getting a little better, but my forehead started breaking out ALOT!! My forehead never had any pimples..Am I the only one?

    I don't know if I am going something wrong, any insights??

    Thanks. :)

    1. Hey Nabia, apparently the face wash isn't the reason for the new breakouts, as you said yourself it is helping on the acne on the cheeks.
      Kindly check if you are getting more dandruff (dry/oily) near your hairline, or if you have got fringes/new haircut recently, it might be the cause for these new eruptions on the forehead.

  7. I am using this product frm 1 month but nothing changes in my acne..
    I have lots of pimples now also..

    1. This works on occasional breakouts/pimples and dries them up...What I understand from ur statement is that you have got a case of aggravated acne and you need to consult a derma to get to the root cause and treat it accordingly.

    2. I got the same problem. My friend recommended me this product. I was so happy as winning a lottery. I used for a week. My skin started itchy and I got more acne. I feel so disappointed

    3. I got more acne after using this product. sad and disapointed

    4. Sad that it didn't work for u...I think it stripped ur skin of oils and that lead to more sebum secretion and hence the acne.

  8. i don't have pimples problems but i like to try herbal products, tried this and quite satisfied with this, i have a sensitive skin and its pretty good for my type of skin.. infact neem is good for all type of skin..

    i loved it, but would sure rate it after Garnier's pure face wash.. :)

  9. this product just came to my country, haven't tried it. soon will try it coz i have pimple & oily skin. i've been searching the review of this product and most of them are satisfied with this :D


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