Living it up this summer: Entry for The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest

While the sun is beating down on the head, and the temparatures are rising, it's perfect time to grab a hat, sip on some cool ale and prop up your feet, and lie back to relax, recreate and renew yourself!

Fashionistas claim pastels to be the trend for this summer. So don on your mint green jeggings, 

Or flaunt those curves in that sunny yellow dress,

And don't forget to accesorize,

 And while you are at it, don't ignore your skin and hair!

Slather on the sunscreen with max SPF to avoid tanning, which also leads to skin darkening, causes wrinkles that makes your skin age faster!

Dry hair becomes frizzy in the humid weather. So condition them properly and regularly!

Minimal is the keyword for the summer makeup. So go for a TM than a foundation, keep the colors natural and light on the eyes, play up your lips.

And last but not the least, just have fun! :)

* This post is a part of Indiblogger contest sponsored by Lakmé Sun Expert 
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