Nominated for HandmadeReviews 2011 Beauty Blog Awards

I want to thank all the lovely people who nominated my blog for the HandmadeReviews 2011 Beauty Blog Awards a few days back and guess what BEAUTY, BRAINS AND BRAWNS has been shortlisted in the nominations. THANK YOU...Thank You...thank you so much! :-*:x :-* :x

Now comes the next step, if you really want to see my blog win the award then please, Please, PLEASEEEEE vote for my blog. Voting will run until 12th December. And not only me, you can win some goodies too by voting. Three voters will be randomly chosen to win a prize. 

Steps for voting: 
  • Select Beauty Brains And Brawns [] which is the second option in the list. You will see a tick mark appear. Scroll down and Click on Next.
  • Put your name and e-mail if you want to participate in winning the goodies for voters.
  • Click on DONE.


I would like your feedback on the post. Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below. I will surely reply you :)
Please refrain from using abusive,racial comments. Thanks :)