Beauty Check - Part 4

I was neglecting this series for quite a while (honestly I could not find anything to share) but I am back with the Part 4 of this series. (Check Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3 )

Let me start today's topic with some questions. How many of you find using eyeshadows in your makeup procedure a hectic messy task? Do you wish to create those gorgeous smokey eyes or blending those beautiful colors to create some gorgeous look but fail to do so everytime? Well worry no more. It’s not every day an innovation comes along that fundamentally changes the way consumers use a product, but the makeup industry appear to be achieving that feat with press-on eye shadow kits.

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Applying traditional eye shadow requires considerable skill, time and expertise with brushes, sponges or other applicators. Matching colours can also be tricky, and eye shadow cakes are prone to crumbling and spilling, leaving consumers with the potential for a mess. These new press-on eye shadow kits, on the other hand, allow consumers to instantly apply professionally created eye-shadow designs without applicators or mess. Each single-use kit is applied to the eyelid using a pre-prepared strip that contains a variety of matched and blended colours. Pressing the strip to the eyelid transfers the colours onto the eyelid in just the right shades, creating a look much like one a professional make-up artist might have created.

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You can get some animal prints or other motifs too as eyeshadows. Brands like ColorOn Professional,Eye Majic, Avon provides these Press-on eyeshadow kits.These are single-use, hygienic, hypoallergenic applicators that require no makeup skills, no brushes or secondary applicators. Imagine an eye shadow that is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch.The result is a professional, flawless look every time. 

So what do you think about them? Would you like to try them out? ;) 

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