An Update :)

If you remember I told you about the missing prizes from my recent giveaway wins in this post.
Well guess what, I received one of them yesterday.

I had won the MakeupJunkie88 Sigma's Miss Taylor Kabuki Brush Giveaway a long time back but my prize got lost in transit as I have stated before! However, when I contacted Priscilla (owner of MakeupJunkie88) and queried about the delay, she immediately contacted the Sigma representative and also kept tabs with me for updates on my product shipment. But, when I didn't receive it even after like 1.5 months she again contacted the representative for resending the prize if possible and they did it this time in first class mail and I received my brush within a week :D

Thanks to Priscilla, she has been a complete sweetheart :X, and so enthusiastic about this whole process that I must receive my prize. Go check out this beautiful latina's blog and don't forget to follow her for some great product reviews and interesting giveaways.

Now here is a pic of my prize,

Thank you Sigma, and Priscilla once again! :-*


  1. Yaaay! SO happy for you :) It sucks when parcels get lost in transit :( has happened to me once too.Review plz :)

  2. its so disappointing to lose stuff in the mail! you got ur gift :-) luky uuuuuuu

  3. Congrats on winning and that's really sweet of her to help you have Sigma resend it ^^

  4. @PB: Thanks darling :-*

    @Zathy: yay! Lucky me :P

    @Uzma: Yes it definitely is :D

  5. Thank u Rekhuu..welcome back to blogoverse ..was missing u :-*


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