Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer Shade Sheer Rose (02) Review

Hello beauties! Hope you are having a great time with Diwali and Halloween preparation and celebration :x. 
Like me if you are not fond of heavy foundations here is a product for you. I am about to review the Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer in the Shade Sheer Rose. Well, I had a small tryst with the Pond’s Age Miracle range a few years back (even before I hit twenty) with their Age Miracle cream and I absolutely adored it because it made my skin so glowing and radiant and un-blemished, but then discontinued using it as my friends suggested that it should not be used at such young age. I don’t know if they were right or wrong but yes I loved using it very much. So coming back to today’s review, here is my experience with their tinted moisturiser.

PRICE:  Rs.215 (On offer for Rs.200 at Violetbag.com)



WHAT IT CLAIMS: “Experience the dual power of anti-ageing skincare with a natural "no make up" finish with our lightweight, tinted anti-ageing moisturizer.
With super-fine color spheres to even out your skin tone and the same active ingredients of one of our best anti-ageing moisturizer, Advanced CLA Complex + SPF 15 PA++  for that smooth, natural finish with a luminous radiant glow.”

MY EXPERIENCE: I have been using this tinted moisturiser for past two weeks and so far I am just loving it. Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer comes in 3 shades, Sheer Ivory (01), Sheer Rose (02), Sheer Honey (03). As I bought it online I didn’t get the chance of testing out all the shades and had to rely on online swatches and guess work. I chose Sheer Rose to be on the safe side and it suited me perfectly. However, I guess all the three shades are quite similar to each other (from reading other blogger’s experiences) and you couldn’t go much wrong with either of them. As the name suggests they are very sheer that doesn’t give much coverage, but it gives a dewy radiance to the face that I absolutely adore.

  • A perfect moisturiser for all the seasons as it is not heavy at all and provides sunscreen with SPF 15.
  • It adds radiance to the face and keeps it glowing and fresh for a good 6-7 hrs unless washed off. I am using it before going to college and my face still maintains the freshness even after coming back.
  •  A pimple was budding out but it didn’t let it surface, so it does some miracles too :P and no, I am not using the Makari soap anymore, as I have finished it up long time back and so, this was the effect of this moisturiser only. I can vouch for that because I had similar experience with the Age Miracle cream I was talking about earlier.
  • It keeps oiliness at bay. I experience a lot of facial sweating and oiliness in humid climate, so I really loved it on my face and if set with powder it lasts long.
  • The packaging is nice and effective. The nozzle of the mouth is perfect for dispensing the right amount of product.
  • I wish they would give a bit more quantity for the price.
  • Though I don’t consider it a con but it doesn’t give much coverage to blemishes or spots as it is very sheer compared to foundies.
  • I am not sure if it would be moisturising enough in the winter months for dry skin, but I have to wait a few more days to see that.

VERDICT: I simply love it and would keep it in my stash always, as I don’t like foundations. If you are looking for an everyday useable tinted moisturiser then you must try it.

RATINGS:  4.75 out of 5


  1. im waiting till someone goes to india to get this one :)

  2. @Zathy Lol! I hope u get it in some online shopping websites!

  3. I use this and love it completely.......its like a magic eraser for me :)

  4. @Shrilata Wow so many fans of this product...ya it does have some magic :D

  5. I have tis and I like it but I have tanned a lot and wen I wear it my face is a contrast from my neck :P Tym to change d shade :) But it is an amazing product I get so many complimemts wen I wear it :)

  6. Replies
    1. then u must sign the petition to bring this product back! go here: http://www.community.stylecraze.com/page/give-us-back-our-favourite-tinted-moisturizer


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