Product Information: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range

Hello beautiful people out there. Hope you are having a great day. Today, I would like to introduce you to the new hair care range from Dove which is, Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range.

The range includes:
  • Daily Use Shampoo and Conditioners
  • SOS Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask
  • Nutri-Oil Serum
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WHAT DOVE SAYS ABOUT IT : In 2011, Dove introduces the new line of Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care line formulated with weightless Nutri-Oils to nourish your hair.
A unique blend of almond, coconut and mineral oils, Nutri-Oil’s molecular structure allows it to penetrate deep into the hair instantly, providing intensive care without leaving a greasy feel.
The range includes a revolutionary dual-phase daily treatment conditioner, formulated with a golden stripe of Nutri-Oil to deliver everyday nourishment, quenching dry hair to leave it visibly smoother and more manageable.
Beauty bloggers and journalists have been wowed by Nutri-Oil’s smoothing, soothing and shine-boosting properties too – the range attracted a wealth of positive media coverage online, in print and across social media sites.
Dove Nourishing Oil Care has already reached women across the US and Canada, and will launch worldwide by the end of 2011.

Being a member of, I received a gift hamper of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range. I was really ecstatic, as well as a bit skeptic to receive it as I never had a good experience with any Dove product. 
It came in a gorgeous bag which I loved the most. :P
However, the cap of the Shampoo had come off when it was in transit and it had spread over all the other products and inside the bag. Just think of the pain of washing off 200 ml of shampoo.:(
Here are some pics of the products I received,

Can you see the cap opened and all the squishy shampoo at the bottom of the bag? :(

I won't be able to review the shampoo but would do the reviews of the other products when I get to use them properly. Till then take care.


  1. I even used it..I have always had good exp with dove..and this range is awesome !

  2. @Bhumika: Oh That's great! What did you like the most from this range?

  3. Aww!Too bad about the shampoo. Love the see through bag. Will wait for the reviews :)

  4. I liked the whole range...esp the conditioner and mask :)

  5. @PB: Thank u sweetheart :-* would post soon!

    @Bhumika: I am using the conditioner for a few days. Hope to see some good results :)

  6. Im using them rite now and I love them. esp the serum and conditioner :)

  7. @Rekha Glad it works for u..m waiting to see how it works on me :)


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