Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll On Review

Hey ladies! Today I would review another product from the Garnier Pure Active range, which is the Pimple Relief Roll On! As I have already mentioned on my blog, I had a bad bout of adult acne a year and a half ago, and I had to resort to medication! Now it is under control, yet I get a visit from the pimple aunt once or twice every month esp. during PMSing. I hate that painful zit and ugly scar it leaves behind. So this product came at a good time, when I was expecting another visit from the pimple aunt.

PRICE: Rs.199




"New Garnier Pimple relief Roll-on’s revolutionary metal roller-ball helps immediately relieve your pimples . Handy to carry around. It is even easier to use and is pleasant to apply under any circumstance.   

Its transparent formula is ultra-purifying and non-greasy. Concentrated in alcohol and salicylic acid, it accelerates your pimples drying out. It is enriched with HerbaRepair, which helps accelerate clearing of pimple marks. "

MY EXPERIENCE: The product comes in blue pen like packaging with a roller ball attached on the mouth that dispenses the liquid. It has got a slight alcoholic smell (the kind you get in chemistry labs). I would tell my experience with it on three occurrences of Ms.Pimple, I had in the last month. First time when I saw a pimple was budding, I applied the roll-on on and around that area. I used it twice everyday for three days, and saw that the pain got reduced by second day, and it dried out and turned really small on the third day. I stopped applying it, but was left with the tiny mark of the pimple. The second time, I did as above and continued applying it for few more days and the result was same and also the pimple mark faded quickly this time. I got really happy about this product as it really works. Now, onto the third time, the pimple/acne got aggravated as I have accidentally touched/scratched it, though I kept on using the Roll-on. It stung a bit too on the broken skin and took over 5 days to reduce the acne size and left a prominent mark. This time I got a little bit disheartened!

However, 2 out of 3 times it worked well for me and so I would give it a thumbs up for it's effectiveness on budding pimples/acnes. A few things to note, I always rolled the ball on the affected area and keep it like that (no blending/touching with fingers), also I clean up the ball on a clean cloth after each application for hygienic purpose.

  • It did work on the new budding pimple/acnes.
  • It reduces the pain and size of the pimples by next day.
  • It helps in fading of the pimple mark in few days if applied regularly from the start.
  • Doesn't irritate or caused any reaction on my skin.
  • Since it is effective, I find the price justifiable.
  • The packaging serves the purpose well.
  • It might not work on an aggravated case of acne.
  • It doesn't stop from pimple to occur (though it doesn't claim to).
  • It doesn't reduce existing acne spots.
I actually liked it a lot and would stock it up! If you too are suffering from occasional acne/pimple, you must give this a try once! However, if you get a bad bout of acne/pimples, then this might not work as efficiently!

RATINGS: 4 out of 5
**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Even I get a pimple or 2 durin my PMS and those times they leave a scar :\ I will try this thanks for the lead Pooja :)

  2. I do get occasional pimples and I think that I should try it ^_^

    Thanks Pooja G ^_^

  3. I used this once..I think it has a mind of its own :D sometimes it works for me, sometimes the acne juz doesn't budge :P
    Nice Review Pooja :)
    The Sweet Life

    1. Yes I think if the acne gets aggravated due to scratching or something then it doesn't work as fast as other times!

      Thanks Ruhie :)

  4. Ya the pen thing has a hygiene issue we use the same everytime..

    1. that's why I rub it off on a clean cloth after each application :)

  5. Hello, thanks for the very reliable review! i guess, im going to try it.


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