Matrix Hydratherapie: Ultra Hydrating Shampoo Review

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Summer heat not only dehydrates our body but also causes depletion of moisture from our hair! So it is utmost necessary to properly hydrate and condition the hair in summer too. Now, I was quite happy with my regular shampoo. But, I was using it continuously for over a year or so and thought I need to change it for a while so that it doesn't become ineffective on my hair. I have always heard from many of my friends raving about the Matrix range of products esp. used in salon treatments and thought of giving this range a try. I chose the Ultra Hydrating Shampoo from the Matrix Hydratherapie range which is meant for dry hair. After using it continuously over 2 and a half weeks, I would like to share my review on it!

PRICE: Rs.190



WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Replenish dry, stressed hair with a dose of intense moisture. Infused with a complex of algae and aloe vera to help restore hair's moisture balance. Hydrating shampoo, conditioning balm and cera-repair treatment nourish dry or overstressed hair. Leaves hair shiny, silky smooth, healthier and more manageable."

MY EXPERIENCE: Matrix Hydratherapie Ultra Hydrating Shampoo comes in a flip top cap packaging. The shampoo is medium thick in texture, spreads and foams easily and has a subtle botanical smell to it, which is not retained by the hair though!

(#Warning: My haircare routine may sound weird to you but that's how it is and I am comfortable with it and no I haven't turned bald or anything! :P) I have been using this shampoo daily for more than two weeks, sometimes with conditioner and sometimes without it. Last night I oiled my hair (after quite a long say in years :P) and tried this again in the morning to wash it off. From the first wash I saw that it really hydrates my hair as per the claims. Not that the frizziness is gone completely but it is relatively more tamed. My hair looks soft and shiny and if it could happen *more straight*! I won't say my previous shampoo wasn't working, but might be my hair needed a change! And this just worked fine for me. Also, it washed away oil from my hair in one wash. It leaves a cleansed hair and scalp and would suit dry hair/scalp totally!

  • Hydrates hair as per the claims.
  • Keeps hair soft and shiny after every wash.
  • My hair appears more straight somehow! (I know logically it can't happen.)
  • Has a slight botanical smell which I like, though it doesn't stay on my hair.
  • The flip top cap packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. No spilling problems!
  • Price is affordable and a 200ml bottle lasts me through a month on daily use.

  • It might weigh down on oily hair.
  • It doesn't work on my hairfall problem.
  • It doesn't eradicate the frizziness completely.

VERDICT: For me it was a good buy, since I was looking for a change in my regular shampoo. It worked well for my dry hair. If you feel your hair needs some extra hydration then you can give this range a try! 

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


  1. recently i started using rain forest from TBS...i am w8ng to see seems good one..nice

    1. Oh would wait for ur review...I m yet to try any TBS product! ;)

  2. I like Biolage good in the "regenerating" rejuvatheraphy range. Pretty good for a "blast" of energy every now and then XXXX

  3. hi pooji !! m bck after a long break !!! i havent tried nythin from matrix before so it ws good reading abt yr experience... i ll try to pick dis product up nxt time i go shoppin

    1. missed ya *hugs* ...sure try this out and lemme know what u think abt it! :)

  4. I honestly think that the skin/hair getting used to stuff is an old wives tail. or maybe it doesn't apply to me. :-P Must try this. My hair has become very dry lately.

    1. I have seen changing products in between, makes it better :)


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