Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel in Absolute Relax And Sensual Review

Hi beauties! How many of you love long showers, raise your hand! I do too! :D And what better than to turn it into a relaxing experience with a nice shower gel. Well, today I would talk about two shower gels from the Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel range that I have tried out recently. One is the Absolute Relax that consists of Ylang Ylang essential oil, Iris Extract and Lavender, and the other one is Sensual that consists of Moroccan Rose Essential Oil with Ginseng extract.

PRICE: Rs.125

QUANTITY: 250 ml


As you can see the main ingredients for both are the same. Only the essential oils are different.

MY EXPERIENCE: I got these to try out as I got bored with my regular body wash from Fiama which I have been using for months. These are easily available in the market and are so affordable. Both the body washes comes in this huge bottle, with a flip top cap packaging. The shower gels are very runny in texture, and one might pour more than the required product accidentally

Now coming to the smell, the Absolute Relax smells of sweet lavender *hmmm* and is quite relaxing as the name suggests, but the Sensual one has nothing sensual about it as I find the smell to be like sweet Strawberry flavored Crocin (medicine) *yuck*! :P Once you wash it off, none of the smell is retained by the skin though! Both of them lather decently with or without loofah and doesn't dry out skin, but it isn't moisturising either and it's better to use a body lotion post bath to combat the slight tightening! They are decent shower gels, if you don't expect a lot out of them.
  • The shower gels give decent lather even without a loofah.
  • Only a little amount is enough for each time of use. 
  • Gives a cleansed and refreshing feeling.
  • Easily available and affordable.
  • Comes in many variants. I haven't tried the Citrusy ones, as I hate citrusy smells. You can try a variant as per your choice of smell.
  • I prefer the Absolute Relax one over the Sensual variant only on the basis of the aroma. Otherwise, both work equally good!
  • The texture is too runny and though it comes in a flip top cap packaging, it might spill under pressure.
  • The aroma doesn't last post bathing.
I had a nice, if not ecstatically good , experience with this range. Might stock up on the Absolute Relax one. These shower gels are easy on the pocket so you can give this range a try atleast once!

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


  1. havent tried these.. me hunting for good shower gels these days :) drying and skin tightening - definitely not my kind :( loved ur heart click (first pic) and review :)

    1. Thanks Rekha :) Itsn't drying much but give a slight tightening feeling at times..but nothing troublesome!

  2. I tried the coconut milk one..but found that ok..

  3. nice review :) have used other products from this range,...ll try these out !

  4. NIce review dear! Also this widget of twitter/pinterest on the left always obstructs my view. Just wanted to inform you as other people may be experiencing the same problem.


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