Can Love Happen Twice ?

No, I am not asking any rhetorical question, neither I am going to start any philosophical discussion whether love happens twice, thrice or infinite times or not!

Well, I was thinking to write a post but not another product review. So, I thought why not share another of my recent reads and my thoughts on it!

Yes, today's topic is the new novel by Ravinder Singh of I too had a love story fame.

Firstly, I would like to tell you when I read I too had a love story, I was so touched by the true tale of the lost love of the author. His story was not a gooey romantic mills 'n boons kind, but rather quite realistic and somewhere it makes you believe, that yes, true love does exist!

When this book got released, I thought, okay so what happened to the first true love? But, then I read somewhere, that this story is fictional and it is the author's take on  'the modern day lovers who have made it a fashion statement to love, breakup and quickly move on to find what’s next!' to quote him.

The novel starts with reunion of Amardeep, Manpreet and Happy after 5 years.The reunion was for Ravin.They all were invited for the radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat Baaki, baat baaki’ on 14th Feb(Valentine’s Day) including Ravin where they were supposed to talk about his best-selling book “I too had a love story” and his life after that.With the curiosity created at the radio station because of no Ravin, Happy reads his second book- Can love happen twice? and the main story starts.
The story start with Ravin’s effort to move in his life.He moved to Belgium for a project and more over a much needed change after Khushi death he felt.There he meet a girl name Simar accidently in gym.Simar who was basically from Gurgaon but pursuing MBA in Belgium.
Soon both become friends but the twist comes when Simar ask him about his first girlfriend.He handed his first book “I too had a love story” unpublished book to her.Soon after it both of them felt for each other.Love and romance once again is in air. 
They both introduced each other to their parents for marriage.Do you think they will get married?What’s next twist in the story?If they don’t get married where is Ravin?

Getting back to the novel. I found the starting of the story a bit too dragged and dramatic. But, the ending was again heart wrenching. I liked the last message by the author,
'True love is unconditional. And if it is "Conditions Apply" scenario, then it isn't true love. It is as good as a mutual fund. And if that is the case then investment in love is subject to market risks and therefore one must please read the offer documents carefully'

You can read an excerpt of the story from hereI would suggest if you haven't read these two novels, then you must read them atleast once. I am sure you won't be too disappointed. 

Images and some information are from here, however, the views are of my own.

Beauty Secrets ;)

Hey guys! I was just going through the entries from my last GlossyBox giveaway and there was this entry for sharing one beauty secret and some of you have posted yours and I thought, why don't I share the same with my other readers and we all might get benefited from some of them.

From Google Images

So here is the whole bunch of hidden beauty secrets from my fellow beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts!

Bhumika shares "Using curd once a week on the face..the lactic acid helps cleanse and clear the skin..and lightly bleaches too".

Sangeeta G shares "I always end a hair shower with cold water to lock in the moisture".

Indgal shares "Use honey and sugar as an effective face and lip scrub."

Jyotsna Bms shares "I use ubtan everyday that keeps my skin glowy and totally saves me from the pollution everyday".

Swati Kungwani shares "Use Lemon+honey once in a week before your bath for 10 mins then simply wash it with milk n water."

Kejal shares "Rub potato peel to get rid of puffy eyes."

Prerana kedia shares "Drink lots of water".

Namitha Kashyap shares "Lemon Juice followed with honey mask for acne scars. "

Precious Pearl shares "Sugar is the best exfoliator."

Nitya karthick shares "Applying toothpaste on pimples at night makes them go away. "

Richa Singhal shares "Grate two almonds with three tablespoon of milk n apply it our skin and leave it for 5 mins...and then rinse...use it regularly...u wont require any fair n lovely products."

Pragati Singh shares "Glycerine makes eyelashes longer!"

Apurva Saxena shares "I use glycerin and lemon mix throughout the winters to keep my skin moist and glowing "

Thanks guys for sharing your tips and secrets with me. I am sure many of us would find some helpful pointers in them to follow. :-*

My Entry: BlogAdda 'My Sunglasses, My Style' contest, in association with

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory that can enhance an outfit and add a glam factor to your style. Well, they are multifunctional too :P, other than adding the oomph factor, they protect your eyes from the scorching sun, hides those dark circles, doubles up as a hairband for those unruly locks and much more.

GKB Optical provides a huge range of eye-gears. Versace, Vogue, Oakley, Rayban, Prada etc. are some of the international brands that are showcased in the GKB Opticals showrooms. Apart from that, GKB also has its own range of brands which lays special emphasis on the looks and styling.

I really liked the following two, as I find them to be versatile yet funky enough being a styling accessory! 

RAY-BAN RB 3025 003/32 


RayBan aviator glasses oozes so much attitude. Perfect to pair with black overall outfit, with mid calf boots. Fantasize yourself to be the female James Bond? ;)


PRADA SPR 03M 7S3-6S1 

Think of soaking in the sun, on a beach, in a simple, white lace skirt and top. This girly white glasses from Prada would be the perfect excuse to laze around in style. :-*

Share your styles with me too :)

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses

Haul: My shopping experience at

Hola beauties! What do you do when you get into a tiff with *him* (yours and not mine :P) and that too on V. Day and you need to cool off? For me, retail therapy does uplift my mood and what better than trying out a new online shopping website like 

About: is India's preeminent online beauty retailer offering a wide and diverse selection of over 15000 beauty and personal care products across various categories and hundreds of brands. It is part of MedPlus, India's fastest growing healthcare retail chain.

At, our goal is to provide you a convenient, hassle free destination for all your beauty and personal care needs. You can choose from your everyday staples to some of the most luxurious beauty brands worldwide. Since all our products are sourced from reputed companies, we guarantee that all our products are original, whether domestic or imported.

Whether you choose to have the product conveniently shipped to your home or pick it up from your nearest MedPlus store, we offer same day or next day delivery in all major metros, so you do not have to wait long for your shipment.

We bring you the best prices, and with our daily promotions and free gifts, you can be rest assured that no one provides you a better value for your money. ValuePlus, our one of a kind rewards programme. provides you the opportunity to accrue points for purchases across various MedPlus businesses, both offline and online, and exchange the points for invaluable gifts translating to an additional discount of 20-30% off of our already competitive prices.

With multiple and secure payment options, a worry free returns policy & friendly customer service, we are committed to provide you an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Unique selling points of are-
  • Virtual Makeup - An online makeup tool where you can upload your pic and try various branded products
  • Wide Range of Products- More than 12000
  • Loyalty scheme - ValuePlus through which a user can accumulate points and collect gifts
  • Great Discounts
  • Free home delivery for purchases above Rs 300

My Experience: I came to know about a few months ago through their FB page. However, they did not have COD at that moment in my my city, which is the only viable option for me to shop online. Now, that they have started COD in my city along with some other major cities too, I was really excited to try out this site.

They have such a huge range of products that one might feel lightheaded (and lightpocket too :P ) when they make a purchase. Like for example, I wanted to try out a foundation from Deborah Milano, and there were so many to choose from, 

Most of the products have huge discounts on them, so you can save on some bucks than you do from other places. Another interesting concept is their Virtual Makeup tool which helps you to give an idea about the shade and decide which one would suit and which one won't. 

Anywho, I selected some products that I would like to try out, added them to my shopping cart and checked out. 

 I already had created an account on their site, so checkout was breezy.

I got an invoice in my mail as soon as I placed my order. Since it was late at night on 14th when I placed my order, I got the confirmation phone call from their representative next day afternoon and I was told to expect the delivery in 2-5 days and was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive. But, for some unknown reasons it reached me after 8 days. I tried to contact them in between, and got a response on their FB page with the information where my package is and when it would be delivered. From what I understood, I think they don't directly courier the packages to the customer, but to the MedPlus stores in the cities, who then deliver it at your doorstep. I guessed the above because the box came in MedPlus polythene pack, which is quite unusual from other courier packages that I receive.
So atlast my package arrived, though the delay dampened my excitement a bit. Let's see what I got in the haul. 

Everything was securely bubble wrapped in the box. But, there was a little spilling from the conditioner (because the bottle has an unusual cap and is not travel friendly). In that case I would have preferred separate wrapping of the products. 

All the products are of 2011 manufacturing and I am okay with it.

Here is what I got,

I had a great time shopping from They have an extensive range of products to choose from and unbeatable discount prices and other exciting things like Virtual Makeup tool and the ValuePlus scheme that would earn you loyalty points which you can redeem for some exciting gifts. I think the delayed delivery in my case was an exception and hope that won't be repeated. But, I would suggest them to take care while packaging products and if possible wrap them separately, so that no spilling or whatsoever happens. I would also suggest them to provide the details of dispatching of products along with tracking details, so that even if there is some kind delay in the delivery, the customer might know where exactly their packages are and when to expect them.

Go and check them out now. I hope you too have a great time shopping there. 

** PR provided a discount coupon for the purchase , but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

Winner: B.B.B Valentine's Special Giveaway in collaboration with GlossyBox India

Hi gals! My B.B.B Valentine's Special Giveaway in collaboration with GlossyBox India ended yesterday and it's time to pick up the winner. 

As you guys might already know from other beauty blogs that GlossyBox India has postponed their launch dates to end of this year, and so there won't be any March Box. I had mailed them inquiring about the giveaways going on in mine as well as several other beauty blogs, and thankfully they responded with a solution yesterday, the details of which I will forwarding to the selected winner.
So, let's get started to pick the lucky winner here, :D

I got total 86 valid entries, and I fed them them to,

And, the lucky no.30 is SWATI KUNGWANI !! :D :D

=D> Congratulation Swati Kungwani =D> . I will be emailing you shortly hereafter, and would require you to respond to it in next 24 hours, else I would have to pick another winner tomorrow. To all others, on behalf of GlossyBox India and myself, I regret any kind of inconvenience you had to deal with. And, don't forget to participate in my other giveaway going on here.

My Entry - Illamasqua Iconic-I Contest

Hey ya beauties! Getting addicted to beauty blogs and following on makeup gurus, certainly has many advantages. I got to learn a lot from them and I like to channelize what I learnt through my own blog.

Remember I told you all about the The Illamasqua Sophie-I smoky eye technique. Well, they have contest running here, in which I thought to participate. 3 lucky winners will be chosen to select £100 of cult Illamasqua pieces of their choice for their prize!This contest is going to end on February 23

Ofcourse, I am still a beginner and can't match the perfection of the pro-s who are also participating in the contest. But, still thought of giving it a try. So, here is my look,

I can never get my lines straight *kill me* :P.
Do share your look if you are participating too.

HipHop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips Review

In the whole time I have been blogging for, I have always put forward my views on both the positive and the negative sides of a product. I try to make every product work for me in some way or other, and never thought of product-bashing (is that a word?). But, yes today I think, for the first time on B.B.B there is going to be one such event, my review on HipHop Skin Care Facial Wax Strips. Now I am not a rude person (umm... I think so), so this post won't be having any *beep* words if you were wondering :P.

PRICE: Rs.40

QUANTITY: 6 double sided wax strips


MY EXPERIENCE: This was an impulse buy, just for emergency purposes. But, this itself called for an emergency when I used it for the first time. For reference, see the gross picture below when I tried it on my upper lip area for the first time,

Sorry for the crappy quality picture, but I hope can you see the nick marks on my skin in the circled area. Yes, that was my first experience and I was horrified, and oh it didn't remove the facial hair at all as expected, not even on my fingers, on which I tried the other half of a single strip. Just for the sake of the review I thought of giving it a second chance. No, I didn't dare to try it on my face again but on my toes. I tried to remove the little fine hair there on my big toe (I promise I am not a hairy gorilla if the thought crossed your mind ;)) ), but, ha! there was still half of them visible on my toe though the strip tried hard to remove some.

  • Only the price..maybe!

  • I tried to warm up the strip for more than 30secs between the palms, but I didn't see much softening of the wax to begin with.
  • It failed to remove the fine hairs from my face, fingers and toes. DUH!
  • If you try the same strip on the same spot many times, the wax gets stuck on the skin.
  • It irritated my upper lip area (maybe due to the wax that got stuck which I tried hard to remove and it resulted in those ugly marks).
  • The depil towelettes are hardly soothing to my irritated skin after the painful waxing process.
I am definitely staying away from it. Try this at your own risk!

RATINGS: 1 out of 5

Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion Review

Hola ladies! I have been feeling a bit low for past few days and wasn't really enthused to review any product, like I have been planning to do. Okay, so before I go into the rant mode, lets just stop it there and begin with today's product review as I am feeling a lot better and positive now.

Today, I would like to review the Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion from my recent haul. I had been meaning to buy it ever since it was launched (I was really hooked on by their ad) but, could get my hands on it only recently.

PRICE: Rs.170



MY EXPERIENCE: Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion is thick creamy in texture, but it never felt greasy on my skin. Rather, it has been highly moisturizing for my dry flaky skin in this winter. It gets absorbed real quick, leaving a subtle nice smell on the skin. I think, many have issues with the artificial fragrance of this body lotion, but I absolutely adore it. It reminds me the smell of the mixed perfumes in perfume/cosmetics sections in a high-end store. (Duh! I am so bad at describing smells). I even applied it on my face, though there was an explicit warning to not to do so, but thankfully it didn't break me out and so, I continued with it. But, oily skinned beauties, do not try this stunt at your home :P.

  • It is a non-greasy body lotion, apt for the dry weather.
  • Gets absorbed quickly into the skin and keeps it hydrated and moisturised.
  • I really love the fragrance, but some may not like the artificial smell.
  • It didn't break me out when I applied it on my face, but if you have oily skin I would suggest you not to do so, as it is quite a thick lotion.
  • Liked the happy yellow packaging with the flip-top cap that ensures no product wastage.
  • Pretty affordable and economic for the quantity we get.
  • Might require reapplication in severely dry weather.
VERDICT: I really didn't find any fault with this lotion and I am glad it worked for me so well and so, it is going into the list of my HG moisturizers.  

RATINGS: 4.75 out of 5

Soulflower Jasmine Soap Review

Hello beauties! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! :D But, me not happy as I don't have any special plan (as he is not here :( ). But do share your pretty plans and mushy stories with me. That would make it up for me. :D
Anywho, let's get back to today's product review. Yes, the much awaited Soulflower products that I received way long back, but got to try it out only recently. The product I am about to review today is the Jasmine soap from the Soulflower kit.

PRICE: Rs.200

QUANTITY: 150 gm


Jasmine essential oil acts as a
2.aphrodisiac properties.
3.intoxicating scent is incredibly soothing & uplifting. 
4.melting away negative feelings & inhibitions.
Jasmine essential oil, fresh jasmine flowers, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, olive, rice bran, coconut, castor &  palm oil. 


"The jasmine flower is known for its alluring aphrodisiac aroma. What you may not know is that it also reduces muscle stiffness, sprains & other physical aches. Treats headaches, coughs & breathing difficulties.
This soap improves skin elasticity, helping to reduce visibility of scars & stretch marks. It  leaves your skin gently cleansed & lightly perfumed as you leave the bath. Use to reduce greasy skin, while soothing dry, sensitive & irritated skin."

MY EXPERIENCE: When I first received this soap, I was skeptical about the fact that it smelled of Jasmine and I mostly abhor products with strong Jasmine smell and thought this would turn out to be the same. But, when I smelled the soap for the first time I found the smell to be very muted, which was definitely a *thumbs up* for me. Next, came the ingredients, which is 100% vegan and organic, hence it never dries out my skin or make it flaky like other regular soaps do. However, it melts away quickly since it doesn't contain any artificial hardeners or preservatives. So it is better to cut it into smaller pieces according to requirement (lesson learnt :P ). Also, I am not sure if the aromatic properties and claims worked at all, as I didn't see much changes. Yes, it does give a pretty good feeling being a luxurious soap but then I didn't notice any extraordinary effects.

  • Contains only vegan ingredients and other essential oils.
  • I really liked the muted Jasmine smell, but then it doesn't stay on the skin.
  • Lathers nicely and doesn't dry out my skin.
  • Being a luxurious soap, you get quite a good quantity for the price.
  • You need to keep the soap dry and cut it into amounts as required, else it melts away quickly.
  • I didn't see any extraordinary effects as per the product claims. I guess you won't see any immediate results, but maybe with longer usage it might show.
  • Some of the particles in the soap pokes at skin, which I find a bit odd.
VERDICT: If you are into organic or aromatic products, then I think you should check out the Soulflower range, as they are pretty affordable and good for skin. Even, I would like to try out some of the other frangrances like Bite Me Chocolate, Everyskin Lavender Soap, etc.

RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5

Jamberry Nails Review and Giveaway

Hey ladies! You might know by now that I consider myself to be quite a nail fanatic and am always looking forward to the new trends going on in the Nail Art world. 

Who doesn't want to beautify their nails in less time and toil, yet protect the nails from the harmful chemicals in some nail polishes. Hence, came the Nail Shields by Jamberry to the rescue. 

When I was contacted by the lovely Keri Evans, from Jamberry Nails team for reviewing their product, I was really excited to try out the Nail Shields, (and guess what, they want to spread the joy with the B.B.B readers too, but more on to that later, first let's get on with the review).

ABOUT: “Jam­berry Nails started with three sisters. 

We cre­ated Jam­berry Nails to pro­vide a sim­ple way to brighten your day.  We con­stantly get let­ters and feed­back from cus­tomers let­ting us know how much they love the prod­uct and how many com­pli­ments they get day after day. We know you’ll love the prod­uct too and feel great wear­ing your Nail Shields.  You’ll also love Jam­berry Nails because of how eas­ily they can be applied and how many dif­fer­ent looks you can acheive by mix­ing and match­ing. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the con­ve­nience of your own home. We are pas­sion­ate about mak­ing a great prod­uct and keep­ing up with the lat­est trends in our designs.  If you have any feed­back for our com­pany we would love to hear it.   

Christy, Keri, Lyn­d­sey 
The Jam­berry Sisters” 

PRICE: $15

QUANTITY: 18 strips in different sizes that is enough mate­r­ial to cover 2–3 sets of hands or feet

WHAT THEY CLAIM: “Jam­berry Nail Shields are the newest way to acces­sorize your fin­gers or toes. Get your own unique pro­fes­sional nail design and say good­bye to nail polish.  This new nail treat­ment can be applied in just 15 min­utes at home.  With over 60 styles avail­able these designer nail shields are made to last up to 2 weeks on fin­gers and 6 weeks on toes.  Unlike tra­di­tional nail pol­ish they won’t chip or stain the nail and require no dry­ing time. It’s so easy to achieve a look that was once reserved to the professionals.  

With many celebri­ties like Scar­lett Johans­son, Tay­lor Swift, Katy Perry, Bey­oncé and Rihanna already wear­ing unique nail designs, it is quickly becom­ing a fash­ion “must have.”  

Jam­berry Nail Shields are a solid film cov­er­ing that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found any­where else.  This spe­cial mate­r­ial is both pres­sure and heat acti­vated to cre­ate a water tight bond to your nail. The film is fin­ished with a high gloss pro­tec­tive layer that pre­vents your nail shield from chip­ping or scuffing.”



MY EXPERIENCE: I chose the Dark Red Floral design to try out from their extensive range of designs. It is a beautiful bright red with some white floral patterns, very apt for wedding parties (yay! it arrived just before my friend's wedding) and likes. It is very easy to apply and remove, takes very less time and you can choose any heat source. It lasts really long, without any chipping. However, I messed up my index finger, and middle finger shields (as you can see in the above pics), and they started peeling on the sides after two days. So you need to be careful that the Nail Shield is applied solely on the nail bed and not the cuticle or skin. 
  • Jamberry Nails are real easy to apply and remove.
  • Lasts really long on nails provided you apply it correctly.
  • Doesn't damage nails.
  • One sheet would last atleast 2 sessions.
  • Filing the design makes nails a bit rugged on the edges.
  • Available only though Jamberry Consultants.
  • The heat required to apply the nail shields might be bothersome to many.
VERDICT: Practice makes one perfect. I am looking forward to my next session with my remaining Jamberry Nails shields. You can buy Jamberry Nails from hereNow scroll down a bit for some exciting news.
RATINGS: 4 out of 5

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader of BEAUTY, BRAINS AND BRAWNS will have a chance to win a Jam­berry Nails sheet in your design & colour choice. 

I am trying out the Rafflecopter for this giveaway. Please wait for the RaffleCopter form to load. All the rules and entries are explained within the form.
If you still have any query post it in comments or email me. But you have to fill the form for entering the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NYX Cream Blush - Shade Natural (CB02) Review

Phew! I am back ladies, for the time being that is :P ! This short break gave me a little time to try out a few products too. And that bring us to what I am going to review today, which is another blush from my recent haul :). It is the NYX Cream Blush in Shade Natural (CB02). I am sure sure you have seen dozens of reviews on these NYX cream blushes, as NYX itself is the most sought after, affordable brand that mostly gives quality products. So here I am, adding my two cents :P

PRICE: $6.5  (Rs.650/- in India, available for Rs.488 on StyleCraze)




Left: Blended Right: Unblended


Ya, another night time experiment of mine :P. Didn't want to show you guys my droopy eyes and horrible dark circles. The close up pic shows all kind of imperfections on my face...aarrgghhh /:). Applied the NYX Cream Blush on bare cheeks. On my lips, Lotus Herbals MoistPetals™ Lipstick in Red Rover (#112), topped with Lotus Herbals Seduction™ Botanical Tinted Lip gloss in Lychee Squash (#40).

MY EXPERIENCE: This is my first cream blush and I was really excited to try it out. However, I found the shade to be a light baby pink on swatching on my hand, that I thought it might make me look clownish. I apply it with fingers as well as blush brush and also with a stippling brush(the last one worked best) and all of them gives almost similar results. On application it looks a bit stark on my skintone, but after it gets a bit absorbed by the skin it leaves a dewy glow to the cheeks. It is very light and doesn't weigh down on skin and blends easily. However, the staying is hardly 3 hours on my dry skin, even in this dry weather. I don't know how it will fare in the summer months.

  • Easy to apply and blend with fingers/brushes.
  • You can layer it for more intensity.
  • Doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
  • Didn't cause any breakouts.
  • The quantity is pretty decent and going to last really long.
  • NYX has an extensive color range for these cream blushes and are so affordable.
  •  Pricey in INR.
  • Available mainly through online sites (though I find this option better, many may not find it feasible).
  • Doesn't stay long on me.
  • IDK why I didn't find this particular shade flattering on my skintone.
VERDICT: I really liked my first cream blush from NYX, but I am not sure whether I like this shade on me. I might try out some other shades from this range.I read somewhere they can double up as lipcolors too ( I am yet to experiment on this ;) ). Do let me know if you have tried this trick.

RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Review

Didn't I say I will be MIA for a while? Well...ya..kind of...err :P...actually I will be busy with some project work, a friend's wedding, some campus programme, all jam-packed in the upcoming week. So yeah, thought of making the most of this weekend by posting atleast one review before I go on the week long hiatus.
So, today on the menu is(are?) Parachute Advansed Body Lotion(s) that I got recently. Remember the pre-valentine gift :P. 

I tried both the variants for the last week or so, and now I am ready to put forward what I think of these two products variants, i.e. (i)Dry Skin Intense Care 

and (ii)All season Gentle Care 

from Parachute Advansed Body Lotion range. Before I start the review, I must tell you that I have dry skin in winters, but now, though the temperature is low there is a bit of humidity too, as a result of which I am getting chapped lips and clammy hands at the same time. So my review would based on the above conditions.

PRICE: Rs.99 


Here is the whole price list of the different sizes available,


MY EXPERIENCE: Both the variants are light in texture i.e. neither too runny nor very thick, spreads and seeps into skin easily. They both have this sweet coconut cream smell that stays on your skin, so if you don't prefer the coconut smell then you might not find this lotion suitable to your olfactory senses :P Now let me talk a bit about each of the variants individually, 

(i)Dry Skin Intense Care: I preferred this at first because it was meant for Dry skin. It moisturize and hydrates my skin very well. However, it gets easily washed away so requires re-application. Again, because of the humidity I find my skin turns clammy behind the knees sometimes if I use this liberally and feels a bit sticky too for a while. I am in two minds with this one.

(ii)All season Gentle Care : This is meant for normal skin, but I really loved this one more because it is very light on my skin and makes it supple and hydrated without any sticky feeling. Only thing is, it requires reapplication as it washes off easily leaving a stretchy feeling.

To sum it up,

  •  The light texture makes it easy to moisturize the skin well.
  • I like the sweet coconut smell (not the oil version) but if you do not prefer this kind of smell then you should avoid it, as it really persists on the skin.
  • Very affordable and economical for the quantity you get.
  • The All season Gentle Care version would be suitable for the summers too.
  • Comes in a nice curvy packaging which is spill-proof hence would be travel friendly.

#Tip: Coconut oil is great for de-pigmentation of skin, tried and tested by me :D. Guess which coconut oil I used, ofcourse the most trusted Parachute Coconut Oil. I had some scars/pigmentation on my legs from childhood. This oil helped in lightening them to a great extent.The results are not immediate obviously, but takes some 3-4 months to show some actual change.  

  • The Dry Skin Intense Care variant gives a heavy and sticky feeling at first which I don't like.
  • Both have low staying power and requires re-application.
VERDICT: I really liked the Parachute Advansed Body Lotion range especially, All season Gentle Care lotion. If you don't mind re-application then this can be the most economic option available.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5
**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

Deborah Milano Hi-Tech Blush - Shade Rosa Pesca Review and FOTD

Hey ya beauties! Valentine's Day is around the corner, what are your plans for the V-Day? To make your V-Day (or rather the month) a bit special, B.B.B has organized a giveaway for you in collaboration with GlossyBox India, so don't forget to check that out. 

In the meantime, here is my review on the Deborah Milano Hi-Tech Blush in Shade Rosa Pesca. I had been meaning to get my hands on this blush for a long time and then I went on a overdrive and got myself two more blushes :P which I will review in time. So lets see how my first blush fared on me?

PRICE: Rs. 575

QUANTITY: Not mentioned. But being a baked blush, it would last really long.

INGREDIENTS: Not mentioned.


WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Hi-Tech Blush brushes on smoothly and stays on – no need to touch up. Stays colour true all day for a radiantly even and natural look. 

Formulated to minimise risk of allergies  Deborah Milano is Italy’s leading make-up brand. Quality, Style and the “Made in Italy” label are the hallmark of these technologically advanced, high performance cosmetics."

MY EXPERIENCE: Technically, this is my first baked blush. It is a peachy rosy shade, with subtle shimmers that imparts a healthy glow to the cheeks, easily blendable and never looks OTT. But, it is very hard to capture on the camera. Here is a (half :P) FOTD where I am wearing this blush, and thankfully it is showing up.

For those who were asking for a lip-swatch for the Deborah Milano Euphoric Shine Lipgloss Shade 07, here it is on my lips on top of Maybelline CS Warm Me Up, with only Pond's TM on my face and Maybelline Colossal Kajal on my eyes.
  • A pretty, everyday wearable shade, that never looks OTT even if you layer it.
  •  Has very fine texture that blends easily and the shimmers are hardly discernible.
  • The blush is baked, and seems to be huge in quantity which would last really long.
  • Though being baked, it is not hard that you have to scratch it, rather a swipe over with a brush is enough to get the required amount.
  • Comes in 6 beautiful shades.
  • The brush provided along with it is scratchy and of no use.
  • It fades away within 4 hours, on me. :(
  • I feel the packaging is too light and is prone to breakage if it slips out of hand.
  • Pinches pocket a bit, but you can get some discounts if you buy it from online stores.
VERDICT: I really liked this blush. I wish it had a stronger staying power. Nonetheless, I am happy with my purchase. If you are a newbie to makeup and not sure of applying blushes, then this is a safe option to try out as it won't look OTT if you go overboard with it.

RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5