Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick - Shade Apple Springs (04) Review

Hey lovelies! Hope you all are doing fine. I am here today to review my kind-of-first lipstick.... (well the first one solely bought 'for myself' , 'by myself', with 'my pocket money'..hope you get what I mean! :P )....as you might know I am a lipgloss lover. :)

As I have said earlier too , Elle18 comes with dirt price, quirky packaging, and numerable shades availability. The brand recently got a nice makeover and is now known as Elle 18 Color Bombs with a cute name for each of its range. The lipstick range is named as Color Burst Lipstick. There are some 25 shades available. See the pic below.

From Google Images
The shade I am reviewing is Apple Springs.

PRICE:  Rs.100

4.3 ml

Contains Cocoa butter. Other than this nothing is mentioned.




The shade Apple Springs is a nice red color with some coral/orangish undertones. It looks very bright when applied on plain lips. When I applied it on my bare lips, though it made my face look bright, however I think this particular shade made me look more old than my age :P and this is not at all a daytime wearable shade. The shade is much more wearable in evening/wedding parties/festivals etc, with traditional Indian outfits.

I now use it in the following manner. First I apply some lipbalm on my lips and then dab some of this lipstick over it and rub both upper and lower lips to even it out. The result is a nice reddish lips which look very natural (more like tinted lipbalm) and is so wearable in the daytime.


  • The color is opaque and gives a good coverage with one swipe. I think this should work on pigmented lips too.
  • Comes with Cocoa butter. Love the smell. And also it wouldn't dry up your lips.
  • It won't pinch your pocket much.
  • Elle 18 Color Burst Lipsticks are surely safe and best buys for makeup newbies like me who are on hunt for their right shades to suit their skintone best.
  • I love the cute packaging.

  • It bleeds/feathers. But I think it could be solved using a lip liner (I didn't use it ).
  • It fades away unevenly, which is the major turnoff for me.
  • Staying power is not good.
  • Transfers to objects.


I love the effect when I use it like in the second method explained above. Except the second con stated above I don't have much problem using this product. Comeon, at 100 bucks, a lipstick with goodness of cocoa butter, and so many shades availbility is surely a good grab. I recommend it to all makeup newbies like me who don't want to create a deep hole in their pocket and yet try out some fun shades.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5

Product Information: Beauté Naturelle

Hey beauties. Hope you all are doing well. :)

My laptop survived and I am back with another post. :D

Have you heard of the brand Beauté Naturelle ??
I recently came across this product range on Internet and thought of sharing it with you all. 

Beauté Naturelle is an elegant Internet boutique that brings an eclectic, hand-picked range of wonderfully effective, natural and organic beauty/personal care products under one roof. Founded by Meghana Chaudhary-Joshi (Meg), Beauté Naturelle merges Meg’s biomedical background with a belief in the power of Nature-inspired personal care. Currently it offers five Indian brands:


tvam: Naturally Yours


Nourish Body and Bath


Ruby’s Herbal

Last Forest Enterprises

I am happy to find an Indian brand which offers eco-friendly and cruelty-free (no animal testing) organic/natural personal care products.

Why don't you check out their fab website here for more details. 

My MODEM hangs itself!

Hey gals...Sorry for this tiny post but my lappy is going through some technical difficulties since last evening.

My MODEM hanged yesterday :P. I got a replacement by today and then some Windows files got corrupted and had to format my lappy again and currently I am in the process of installing the softwares I need to work. So please bear with me! :)


Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review

Hey all beauties! :)
I am back with another review as promised. Today I am going to review a protein hair cream from Himalaya which is a quite successful herbal brand (though it use some inactive chemical preservatives :-O ) out here. I was very fond of their Nourishing skin cream and was regular user of it for quite a while. Then I started experimenting with other brands and completely forgot about it. Anyway coming back to the Protein Hair Cream that is I am going to review today, which I bought in a smaller tube size and Thank God! that I didn’t buy the larger tub as it was not available. Why so? Well read on,



Action : Nourishes your hair with Natural Proteins derived from ingredients like Wheatgerm and Chickpea. Indian Gooseberry and Thistles promote hair growth. Use regularly before and after shampooing for well nourished, soft and shiny hair. It contains Chanaka (Chickpea), which is a rich and natural source of protein that helps in hair growth along with Godhuma (Wheatgerm), which is also a good source of protein and vitamin E. Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), acts as an anti-oxidant and hair growth promoter while Bhringaraja (Thistles) strengthens hair root and prevents hair fall. Protein hair cream nourishes hair root and shaft.
PRICE:  Rs.35

QUANTITY: 50 ml (Available in 175g tub also)

I have dry, frizzy hair; hence to tame the frizz and adding smoothness to my hair I bought this Protein cream. As you can see, the cream is thick in texture. I used it after shampooing as a leave-in conditioner. Following is my take on the product,


  • Very pocket friendly in the small size tube.
  • Tube packaging is considerably hygienic than a tub as you don’t have to dip your fingers to scoop up product.
  • A nice sharp, herbal smell which lingers for first 15-20mins.
  • The whole ingredients list is given on back as well as on their website.

  • It failed to do its sole purpose of taming my hair. It just made my hair look limp. Even applying small quantity didn’t help as it didn’t cover up my whole scalp and hair.
  • The tube lasted me hardly 4-5 times of usage. Don’t know if they really give such less quantity or only my pack was faulty.
  • It made my hair look limp and oily.
  • I went to buy the tub one first and it was out of stock everywhere. But after using it I am relieved that I didn’t waste my money on the bigger version.
It didn’t work as per my expectations hence wouldn’t buy it again. And whether to recommend you or not, I don’t know because Himalaya products are quite good and it can be hit for you though it is a miss for me.

RATINGS: 3.5 out of 5

Being A Lazy Bum

Hello my lovely readers! (I hope there are some :P )

I know I haven't posted any reviews for last few days. Well you may construe that to me just being a lazy bum (which I am...most of the times!), or it can be just that I am missing someone badly  :( (do you also feel like not doing anything when you miss someone? ), or the bad headache I am nursing now :P

From Google Images

Okay I should stop whining. I would soon come up with some good reviews. Meanwhile you can check my first post on IMBB (the site which I have talked about in my first blogpost here) and here goes the link of my post on IMBB where I am reviewing Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss.

And also I have added another page on my blog for you lovely readers to cook up something. Click here to know about what is in store for you.

Please visit the links and share your inputs :)

Thanks. Love you all :-*

Super Happy!!!...Got Bhumika's Makari Giveaway Goodies Today

Yay! I just received my first giveaway goodies from Bhumika of New Love which just ended a few days back and I was one of the lucky 5 winners!!

So here are the pics of the goodies :D

 Please ignore my hasty handiwork of opening the box as I was super excited!! :D

The pouch is so cute. I loved it the most :P .

The contents are:
  • Two 5 ml sachets of Clarifying Cream.
  • Two 5 ml sachets of Anti-Acne Cream.
  • One 50 gm Whitening and Exfoliating Soap (Read my review of this.)

As I have said earlier that Makari's delivery service is awesome and superfast. I got it in some 4-5 days. You can also get this sample bag from here (If you are in India).

Thanks Bhumika. Loads of love to you. :-* :-*

Guest Posts

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Well if you are just itching to write a review of any product or do a makeup tutorial but don't have a blog to share or want to experiment first before starting one of your own, tada... here is a free space for you :)

I would welcome your lovely posts. Only keep in mind a few rules ( I know rules are to be hated...Still! )
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 Guest Blogger: Arpita Tiwary


Lesson I learnt and few pointers to remember

Are you guys wondering what’s with the title? Well today I would share a little experience of mine of buying cosmetics and therefore a few suggestions I would like to give you while buying the same.

Some five years back I went to one of my local cosmetics store, quite nearby to where I stay. Actually, there is this whole alley of cosmetics stores lined up there and I get almost all my required products from these shops only. So I went to this shop to try out a few things and asked for some eyeshadows. This particular shop did not have any brand SA present but only the shopowner (male). I was not aware of many brands then barring Lakme, Elle 18, Revlon. So this shop assistant showed me some quartet eyeshadows from Revlon. He priced it at Rs. 200. I was dimly aware that Revlon product are bit pricey than others. So I was quite surprised and asked how come this is just Rs. 200?

He gave me some bullshit story that these are displaced from original batch of products to be sold in cheap prices in the local market. I was half hearing it and as I was in a hurry I bought the product without any second thoughts. 

To this day I am not sure whether it was an original product or not. 

The quartet came in box with REVLON engraved on it. Other than that there was not anything on it. The colors were shades of pinks and browns and I don’t remember much how they were in quality. I hardly used it 3-4 times. Then I gave it to our maid, when I was on my cupboard cleaning spree. But the uneasiness of not knowing about the product I used stayed with me and so I wanted to share this with you and to make you aware of this kind of shams.

From Google images

 I searched for pics on google. This is what my quartet looked like. Only mine didn’t have any see through cover. It was a black opaque cover.

So now that I have my lesson learnt, these are a few pointers that I abide by,
  • Never buy any loose products of any brand if there is no SA of the concerned brand is present, from any shop. Packaged products of known brands are okay.
  • Before buying any cosmetic it is better to find some info about it. You can check the concerned brand’s websites. Along with that, read reviews of them if available.
  • Ask the SA for giving tester swatches for eyeshadows/lipsticks/glosses/foundations etc.
  • If possible do some rounds of other shops too to get a clear idea of what is available and at what price. Also you may come across some offers too that way.
  • Most of the high-end brand products now have their own counters in many malls. So it better to check out the options available there.

Hope this helps. :)
Please share if you ever had any such experiences.


Its OK to have dreams.
Its OK to have ambitions.
Its OK to prepare yourself to achieve those dreams and ambitions.
But is it OK to hamper a childhood for achieving the same?
Following is a news snippet I came across yesterday and was terribly shocked to see that a Mother is injecting a 8 years old child with Botox supplements to turn her into teenage model and beauty pageant!
A child who is deprived of the normal innocence and fun filled days like other children so that she can become a Supermodel/Singer/Actress someday! I am shocked what is this world coming to?

Here is what the Mother has to say -  "
‎I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer."
Image taken from the given link.
 For the full news follow the link,  
 What do you think about this news? Please share your views.

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel - Shade Go Grapes Review and NOTD

Hello beauties. Today I would do another NOTD from my recent haul. The nail enamel is from Lotus Herbals in shade Go Grapes. Lotus Herbals is a trusted brand of herbal products. After their success with beauty products they are moving onto cosmetics too.

PRICE:  Rs.99


INGREDIENTS: Not listed but company claims it to be Acetone, DBP and Toluene free.

 ( 2 coats applied without any base coat or top coat. )


The nail polish is Acetone, DBP and Toluene free which is a thumbs up compared to other nail enamels. Also it is a herbal product hence very safe to use. A herbal nail polish do sound so interesting!


  • 1-2 coats give an opaque color.
  • The brush applicator is long and of good quality hence one can have a good hold on it.

  •  Available in 10 exciting shades. 
  • Acetone, DBP and Toluene free, so no harmful chemicals which is definitely a huge positive point for those who like to wear nails polishes everyday. Harmful chemicals lead to yellowing of nails.

  • Greater quantity in a good price compared to other nail enamels available.
  • Dries off quick enough. Not superfast neither super slow.


    • OMG! The smell! It gave off a weird acrylic paint kind of odour throughout the first day of application. I hated it. But on second day (after several times washing my hand) it became tolerable.
    • It started peeling off in parts after second day though I would accrue that to household work.
    • Maybe I am still a novice to apply nail enamels because it streaked a bit.
    • This particular shade made my hands look a bit darker on the first day. But from second day it looked okay.


    It was bit disappointing to me for the price paid. I won’t buy it again simply because I don’t wear nail enamels regularly. I would try some other brands. For those who wear nail enamels regularly this is a safe product for the nails and I would recommend trying it once.

    RATINGS:  3 out of 5

    Lakmé Lip Gloss – Ritu Beri D2 Review

    Hey all. How are you doing??
    Let’s see what is in store for you today. Lakmé Lip Gloss from Ritu Beri collection in Shade D2, which is candy pink in look and also in taste too. This was my first (and quite a few successive ones) gloss buys during my high school days.
    Nowadays, they are known as Fruit Shock lip gloss available in shades:  Strawberry, Vanilla, Bubblegum. And also the price has increased.


    PRICE: Rs.125 (Now available at Rs.150)

    QUANTITY: 15ml



    I apply my lipglosses on bare lips. This really gives me a glassy lips effect. Following is my take on the product,

    • Comes in a plastic tube with nozzle on the mouth. I feel it is quite a hygienic technique since you can clean the mouth of the tube after every use as I have said earlier too.
    • It gives a baby pink glassy look to the lips giving a fuller pout.
    • Sweet strawberry candy taste. Liked it sometimes. Sometimes hated it.
    • Stays put for 1-2hrs without eating/drinking.
    • Pocket friendly. Lasts for quite a few months even on regular usage.
    • Gives sheer color. No shiny particles/glitters present.
    • No leakage problem encountered till now.

    • A bit sticky to the feel. Not OTT though.
    • Smells like sweet cough syrup. Yucks!
    • May not give much coverage to highly pigmented lips.
    • Doesn’t leave any tint after it fades away and is bit drying after it fades (atleast I felt so).
    • Transfers to objects when touched.

    This has been my HG lipgloss in highschool days. But now I am bored and would like to try some other brands. When you have options why not try them out too. Of course those who haven’t yet tried it surely can go for it once.

    RATINGS: 4 out of 5.