So where is GlossyBox (India)?

Before I start, let me make a few things clear!
Is this a hate post? No. Let's call it a factual post.
Why stir the topic so late? Well, I thought of giving the 'intended party' a fair amount of time and chance before I write about it!
Am I doing this to grab attention? Yes, of the 'intended party'!! 
And also, to make you aware of what happened till now.

Glossybox created a pre-launch fervour by hosting launch giveaways on a number of blogs across Indian beauty and fashion blogosphere, along with one on their own FB page too, at the start of February 2012. All was well, till then. 

However by mid-Feb they announced, that they had to delay their launch till late 2012. 

That created a huge confusion about the giveaways going on around in so many blogs and what would happen to the prizes, forget the boxes promised to the bloggers. When queried about them, they gave a delayed response and promised some other solutions for the prizes.

Two weeks later when I queried about the prize, they said they have them ready to send out. I got relaxed about it by then.

Almost a month passed, and my giveaway winner Swati, contacted me again asking about the prize which she still haven't received. I asked my fellow beauty bloggers if any of their giveaway winners received their prizes. Surprisingly, noone did! I wrote to them again in the first week of April, to which I didn't get any response till date.

Well, it turned out to be such an embarassment for all the bloggers who co-hosted the giveaways. This was highly unethical of them.

I thank my giveaway winner Swati, who had been so sweet and patient throughout this whole ordeal. And I thought of compensating her by myself and hope she is happy with the little surprise I managed to give her.

I have lost my faith on GlossyBox and am quite less excited about their launch, if that is going to ever happen. Even if they launch, I doubt they would be able to gain the lost trust of the people! We can only wait and watch!

P.S. Did anyone notice that a few other beauty boxes which were supposed to launch at the same time have vanished too, along with GlossyBox? Wonder why??!! :P


"Why should it be the case that you hit 40 and morph into a dull, boring version of your original self? Bombarded by products to hide your age rather than celebrate your experience and vitality." Joseph Corré, Illamasqua Joint MD

If you’re someone who has never let age define you, or you know someone who fits that description, please get in touch. We know you’re not ready to blend in – and why should you be?
As well as individuals, we’re looking for pairs – from mothers and daughters to nieces and aunties, to grandmothers and grandsons. The combinations are endless.

"I'm not 50, I'm eighteen with 32 years of experience." Author Unknown

All we need is one recent photograph of yourself, or the person you’re nominating, plus a sentence on your relationship with make-up. You will need to be available to take part in the shoot in London on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May 2012.

 In return, all those featured in the campaign will receive £500, a new Illamasqua make-up kit worth £500 and a framed photo of themselves like they've never looked before.

Are you ready to stand up for beauty that defies age limits?

Nominate yourself or someone else at  before 15th May and if chosen you and/or that person would need to be available to attend an open casting mid-May 2012 and be part of the shoot taking place in London on Wednesday 23rd May and Thursday 24th May 2012 - competition is open internationally! 

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Foundation - Shade True Beige Review

Hey ya girlies! Hope you still remember me :D. Bless Blame my laziness that I haven't posted for last few days, but I am back!

Anyhoo, let's get started with today's review! After a few hits with the products from Deborah Milano brand, I thought of trying out a foundation from this brand. They actually have different ranges of foundations, and I thought of trying out the foundation from their 24 Ore range. And online shopping being my fave timepass, I ordered this one from MedPlus Beauty in the shade (2)True Beige. I know I am totally dumb at times, to order a foundation online without checking out the shades for myself but I did a guesswork on the shades and thought true beige would suit me. Well, it's just that it matches my face skintone, except the forehead and around the mouth area where it turns ashy! Read on to find out more about it!

PRICE: Rs. 650 (Rs. 507 on MedPlusBeauty)



Foundation with a silky texture for a sheer, velvety smooth finish. Formulated with Power Stay Complex for amazingly longwearwithout touch-ups. Beats shine without creating a masky effect. Suitable for all skin types. SPF 10. Hypoallergenic.*

*Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.    



Blended: Without flash

Blended: With Flash
MY EXPERIENCE: Deborah Milano 24 Ore Perfect Foundation  comes in a hard glass bottle with a pump dispenser mouth. When I first tried it out in winters, I was highly disappointed as it didn't blend smoothly on my dry skin and left dry patches and flaky skin. So I waited for the weather to change and tried it on a few more times in this hot summer. Well, it's blends easily without giving patches/flaky skin, though its better to use a moisturiser properly prior to using it even in the summers. It gives a semi matte effect. Hence, it would be ideal for oily skinned beauties! And the effect lasts really long, atleast 6+ hours which I tested on myself, with minimal melting in this hot weather. Gives a light to medium coverage. However, you can layer it up, but it might turn a bit cakey as it is quite dry itself.  

I used my Sigma F50 stippling brush first to blend and it gave opaque coverage but looked too much made up. When I tried to blend it with my fingers, I saw it blended better and looked more even. The shade turns a bit ashy around my forehead and mouth area, so I am not really comfortable to wear it outside.Since the shade is a little off from my match, I mix it with my moisturiser and use it like a TM. The foundation has got a nice fruity fragrance that lingers on the skin. All in all,

  • The foundation is creamy in consistency and blends easily, however dry skin would require ample moisturisation prior to using this.
  • Gives a velvetty, semi matte finish. 
  • Doesn't feel heavy on skin.
  • Lasts 6+ hours without melting off.
  • Gives medium coverage and it can be built on.
  • Has a nice, subtle fruity fragrance that lingers on.
  • Has SPF 10, so protects skin too.
  • Price is reasonable and comparable to other drugstore brands.
  • Packaging is sturdy and the glass is transparent, hence you can see how much product is still left.
  • Leaves dry skin patchy and flaky in winters even with a moisturiser.
  • This particular shade doesn't even out my skintone and turns ashy on certain areas.

VERDICT: Though the shade didn't match my skintone properly and being disappointed with it at first, I came around to make it work for me in certain ways. And texture wise this would be ideal summer foundation for both dry and oily skinned ladies.

RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5


Vaseline Men presents ‘The Vaseline Men Face Off Challenge’, a photo contest hosted on the Vaseline Facebook Page where men stand a golden opportunity to challenge Shahid Kapoor by uploading their pictures on ( The picture that generates maximum ‘likes’ will be declared the winner and also presented with a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

With changing times, men are evolving and becoming more conscious of their physical appearance. Their active lifestyle exposes them to the harmful rays of the sun for long durations, leading to skin damage such as dullness, rough & greasy skin along with dark spots.  Now men don’t need to compromise on playing gully cricket on the weekends or cancel beach picnic with friends as Vaseline Anti-Spots Whitening Face Cream (with SPF-15) helps protect your skin from the harsh sun-rays.      

Vaseline Anti-Spots Whitening Face Cream with SPF- 15 is a unique combination of Vitamin B3, antioxidants and 4x sunscreen. It’s a mild moisturizer that absorbs rapidly into the skin leaving it feeling fresh and moisturized. The antioxidants and the 4x sunscreens protect your face from skin damage and give you a visibly fairer and even skin tone in just two weeks.  

Vaseline Anti-Spots Whitening Face Cream with SPF-15 available in 50gm for Rs 150, 30gm for Rs 80 and 8gm for Rs 15 respectively, and Vaseline Anti-Spots Whitening Face Cream – Oil Control available in 50gm for Rs 120, 30gm for Rs 75 and 8gm for Rs 10, respectively. Available at select modern trade outlets, leading groceries and cosmetic stores across the country.  

Log on to and stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

NYX eyeshadow palatte: 78 colors Swatch Post

Hey gals! Here is the swatch post of the NYX eyeshadow palatte, as promised. :) Beware, the post is picture heavy! ;)

It took quite a bit of time & effort to swatch all the colors. All the swatches are 1-2 swipe of colors on my dry skin, without any base/primer and without flash.

Set 1:  

Set 2: 

Set 3:  

Set 4: 

Set 5: 

Set 6: 

Set 7: 

Set 8: 

Set 9: 

Set 10: 

Set 11: 

Set 12: 

Set 13: 

There are a few repetitive shades, like the shimmery orange one and a few too many highlighter shades. It has a mix of shimmery, pearly and matte shadows. I wished there were few more darker greens and blues! Will do a detailed review later on. Hope this post helps! :)

Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine lipstick - Shade Coral Lustre Review

It's a's a lipgloss....No, it's a lipstick! Ha! ;)
Well, this was my expression when I first tried out the Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine lipstick. Today I would be reviewing the shade Coral Lustre, as per my lovely readers' request! :)

PRICE: Rs.399


  • MIRROR-LIKE COLOR from micro-mirror pigments 
  • CREAMIER FEEL from nourishing honey nectar 
  • 10 lush lip shades(only 4 are available in India)


2 swipes on hand

Multiple Swipes on lips.
MY EXPERIENCE: Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine lipstick is of soft, smooth and sheer texture, with a glossy finish. It has got a candy smell which is not OTT. The shade "Coral Lustre" is not an orangy coral but a pretty pink with a hint of coral. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't true coral but when I applied it I was really happy with the shade. It contains very fine shimmer which is noticeable only on close observation. However, if you apply it directly on chapped dry lips, you can feel a slight grittiness because of the shimmer. It does give that luscious lips effect. It's more like a lipgloss in a lipstick tube. It hydrates and moisturises too. 

A single swipe doesn't show up much color, so pigmented lips would require multiple swipes for full coverage. The price is a bummer considering the other Colorsensational range of lipsticks being so pocket friendly.  It lasts for 2-3 hours on me, and then fades away leaving a tint, though it doesn't dry out my lips. So, in a nutshell,

  • Soft and smooth texture that glides on like a gloss.
  • Gives a high shine and glossy finish.
  • Moisturising and hydrating.
  • Has a nice fruity frangrance which is not OTT and almost tasteless. 
  • The shimmers are subtle and not so visible. 
  • Leaves a tint even when it fades away and doesn't dry out lips.
  • Comes in a pretty packaging that reflects rainbow colors under different lights.
  • Lasting power could have been better.
  • Requires multiple swipes to show up the actual color, hence wouldn't last long.
  • The price is steep than other Maybelline CS range lippies! (Why Maybelline, WHY??!! :( )
  • The shade is not a true coral, which I believe to be like this.

VERDICT: This is my go to lipstick for this summer. Had the price was not so steep, I would have got some other shades too.If you like glossy, high shine lips then this won't disappoint you.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5

Online Shopping at Blanc II Noir: For all NYX crazed fans

Hola ladies! Today I would like to intoduce you to a new shopping destination for all your NYX products at great discount prices at Blanc to Noir - I got a wonderful chance to review the store and would like to share my experience with you all.

Blanc to Noir - is an exciting new destination for beauty and fashion dedicated to providing the best prices, selection, and overall experience you'll find online. To put it simply--we LOVE cosmetics and fashion accessories. We've created a unique store that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and quickly. we offer our customers a no-risk opportunity to try us out.
How We Work
Shop our wide selection of beauty products and fashion wears yourway--we've made it easy to shop by category, color, size, brand, or price. Detailed product descriptions--including construction materials, heel height, and customer reviews--help you make the right choice. Alternative views and innovative zoom technology allow you to practically touch the new items. And if you still need help, our Customer Service representatives will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Who we are
Blanc to Noir - was built by SK2P Inc. in response to customers' desires to shop a destination dedicated to beauty and fashion accessories. Our site is built for these categories, and the passionate customers who shop them-- this is our focus. We are a unique store that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and we deliver it as quickly as possible-- reliably and securely. We take our shopping seriously--our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible experience, and our passion.
·  Our buying team is the best in the industry and constantly seeks new and unique offerings--we add styles daily so check back often!
·  Our editors touch each and every product to provide the best and most accurate information about each item.
·  Our technology and design groups are continually evolving our site by adding features to make it easier to navigate and truly fun to shop.
·  Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team is available 24/7 and will gladly assist when you need help.
·  Most important, though, we rely on our customers for your input to make Blanc to Noir - great--reviews and fit recommendations from real people are    invaluable in helping other customers make the right purchasing decision.

MY EXPERIENCE: When I first surfed the site, I was excited to see that not only it houses the NYX products, but it sells authentic Sigma brushes too, alongside FaceFront Cosmetics, True Religion, Diesel, and Levis apparels as well as Bags and Accessories in the Women's section.

Under the NYX products category, there were many new products which I haven't seen yet at any other site here in India. 

The site offers great discounts and occasional sales that goes upto 50%.

I chose the NYX eyeshadow palatte of 78 colors, priced at US $21.25 (Original price US $25.00).
Shipping costs vary with the weight of products. They accept credit cards such as Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club International, American Express, JCB.

After my order was processed they sent me a mail about the dispatch of products and I received it today, i.e. within 10 days from date of delivery. They sent the product through USPS first clas mail.

The product came in a cardboard box, seating snugly in the sea of foam cubes. I was really glad to see that the product arrived safely and none of the shadows were broken. Check out the pics below!

P.S: I am thinking of doing a separate swatch post for this! Would you like that?

Overall, I really liked their huge inventory of NYX products, great discounts and quick and safe delivery. The international shipping costs are a bummer but much better than paying double/triple the price of the products from local Indian sites. I would like to suggest them to offer free international shipping once in a while.

Go check them out now. I hope you too have a great time shopping there. 

** PR provided a discount coupon for the purchase , but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.