ColorBar I-Glide Eye pencil- Shade CocoBar Review

Hello beauties! As my love for kohl liners is maxifying, so is my hunt for different brands of them. Today I am going to review the ColorBar I-Glide Eye pencil in Shade CocoBar which I bought on my birthday a few weeks back.

PRICE:  Rs. 325

QUANTITY: Not mentioned.


"Defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, the I-Glide Eye Pencil, with its smooth formulation, gives your eyes rich colour in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. Lasts longer than 8 hours; does not feather or bleed."

After reading many reviews on many blogs I sought out this product but it disappointed me a little. Maybe I expected too much out of it.  I am using it for last three weeks. Here is what I think of it.

  • It has a smooth creamy texture that glides on easily.
  • True to its claim it doesn’t smudge and stays put for longer hours.
  • The color payoff is good and shows up on my eyes and I received a few compliments on that. ;)
  • It is waterproof so won’t run down with your tears :P
  • Available in 6 amazing shades viz. Silver hue, CocoBar, Jaded, Electra, Prunella and Blackout.
  • I love the packaging. The body of the pencil is made of some fibre and not wood and is a classy silver color with colored end that shows the color of the shade. The size of the pencil is compact and would easily fit in purses or makeup bag.

    • I don’t know why but it gives a drying sensation/irritation to my eyes when applied on the lower lashline or waterline. My eyes water up on application but it becomes okay after some 10-15 minutes. Maybe I get used to it by then.
    • The tip becomes blunt after every use. Needs sharpening everytime, even though one can never get a pointed tip for a thin line. I am more of a fan of retractable pencils.
    • The pencil I received has got an expiry date within next 6 months, hence I am using it up as quickly as possible.
    • Considering the cons the price is a bit on the higher side.

    I found the product to be decent but I guess it could have been better. I think I would get many other brands within this range that might surpass this.

    RATINGS: 3 out of 5 

    Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip butter Review

    Hello beauties. Sorry for being MIA lately. I am under a bit of stress now and will be busy for next few weeks also. So I am not getting enough time to post the reviews of the products I have lined up which I thought of doing. I managed out some time to post the review of Himalaya Herbals Natural Moisturizing Lip butter today and so here it is. :) 

    PRICE:  Rs.125

    QUANTITY: 10gm


    I am using this product for last few weeks. The product though looks like petroleum jelly but is free from any such artificial ingredient which is a great hit for me as it doesn’t weigh down on the lips like petroleum jelly does. It again smells heavenly of Cocoa butter. It even works great for the cuticles. But I would advise to use it on the nails/hands before going to bed at night as it make your hands oily. Following is my take on the product.


    • It really works as it says. It keeps your lips moisturized throughout the day and you need not reapply if you don’t suffer from extreme chapped lips.
    • The cocoa butter smell is awesome and it is tasteless if you happen to lick it up. ;)
    • Also works great on the nails, if you are like me who tend to find multi-use out of the products.
    • Only a little amount is required so the product would last long and the price won’t pinch your pocket.
    • The packaging is decent and compact and travel-friendly. There is an inner lid which keeps the product air-tight.

    • It may not work as a base for the lipsticks and make them bleed as it makes your lips oily and slick.

      I loved it for both my lips and nails. If you have dry or chapped lips and you hate petroleum jellies then you must give this a try as I am sure you would like it as I do. 

      RATINGS:  4.5 out of 5

      **Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

      Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion Review

      Gosh! It is raining here continuously for past 2.5 weeks with only a bit of sun peeping in for 1-2 days in between! And how I hate it, when I have so many important events coming up now in next few days! Seriously gals, it might be romantic to get wet in the rain of few hours but this prolonged bad weather is taking a toll on everyone’s daily life. Anyway, I would stop whining now and get on with today’s post where I am reviewing Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry/Extra Dry skin. So all the dry skinned ladies like me (and even who are not) read on! ;)

      PRICE:  Rs.140

      QUANTITY: 200ml



      " Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion is a specially  formulated body lotion for dry skin. It intensely loisturizes, softens and smoothes your skin. The moisturizer is enriched with the goodness of Cocoa Butter , Olive , Wheatgerm and Grapeseed Oils , which replenishes the lost moisture in dry skin. Naturally derived ingredients restore skin's elasticity, leaving it softer and toned than before.
      Cocoa Butter, also known as oil of theobroma, is a high quality emollient, a skin softening and moisturizing agent. It promotes healing and prevents drying and cracking of skin. Cocoa Butter also contains antioxidants that can help repair your damaged skin.
      Olive Oil, enriched with Vitamin E, nourishes, protects, and softens skin and prevents chafing. It has soothing and anti-microbial properties, which ensures that your skin is healthy.
      Grapeseed Oil, possesses astringent qualities and thus its application helps to tighten and tone the skin. Grapeseed has high content of linoleic acid, a fatty acid essential for the skin. It also serves as a wonderful moisturizer and nourishes the skin.
      Wheatgerm Oil, is a rich source of natural Vitamin E, which nourishes and boosts skin's elasticity. “- From Website.


      I have been using the lotion for past 2weeks and I am going crazy for its awesome smell :x . I think it smells like chocolate but my mom says it smells like ice-cream so concluding that I can say it smells like some chocolate ice-cream that tempts me to lap it up everytime I use it, :P and the smell is retained by the skin for quite some time and permeates to the room too :D!

      • The smell…err.. I think I have said enough about it!
      • It nourishes your skin and gives a healthy look to it yet doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.
      • The consistency is neither too thick nor too runny. Just perfect for even application.
      • I find all the Himalaya Herbals products decently priced.
      • Comes in a sturdy packaging with a flip-cap dispenser and is travel friendly.
      • Though it doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the skin but the skin does feel a bit oily to the touch.
      • It is quite light and very suitable for summer/ rainy seasons, but for winter I don’t think it would be enough moisturizing for intensely dry skin.
      I think I have found a replacement (if I ever require it) for my HG body lotion and that suffices it to say that I loved this product. :D

      RATINGS:  4.5 out of 5

      **Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

      JAI HIND

      15th August 1947 to 15th August 2011. Celebrating 64 years of independence. A salute to the all the freedom fighters and leaders who made this possible!

      A small announcement !

      Hi friends! Hope you all are doing good! :)

      I have a small request to all my friends here. I started this blog in June and I am overjoyed with all your support and love you gave to my little blog through your comments and everything in this short span! I came across a post on Handmadereviews blog where she is holding a Beauty Blog Awards event to give recognition to new bloggers. If you like my blog then I would request you to please nominate my blog there and subsequently vote for it.Hope you would still show your support and won't let me down.

      Pooja :-*

      Elle 18 Eye Sparklers - Shade Green Grenade Review

      Hey all! I thought of reviewing this Elle 18 Eye Sparklers a long time back but kind of missed it. So here it is, if you do remember it was from my July haul. I know there is still one or two products in that haul which I haven't reviewed yet but I would get to them eventually. Let’s get on with the Elle 18 Eye Sparklers in Shade Green Grenade.

      PRICE:  Rs.85 

      QUANTITY: 1.5gm 

      INGREDIENTS: Only Almond is listed. Complete list not given.


      L-R: 1swipe, 2-3 swipes


      I mainly use it on my lower lashline or waterline to give a hint of color and seldom on upper lash line. It is a pretty color to give your eyes that extra sparkle. Following is how I feel about this product.


      • It is a nice green shade which manages to show itself on my dark rimmed eyes. :P
      • Stays put if not disturbed/touched.
      • It didn’t irritate my waterline. Though I have heard some specific shades do.
      • The texture is creamy and smooth. So doesn’t tug your eyelids.
      • It fits into pocket/purse price-wise and also size-wise. It is so compact and also decently priced.
      • I love the cute packaging and also the naming of the ranges and shades.
      • Though it is named a sparkler there isn’t any chunks of sparkles in them. Thus, wearable in daytime too.
      • I find it decently pigmented for the price paid.
      • Available in 5 flattering shades.


      • It has got a metallic smell though nothing OTT but it is still there and I don’t like it.
      • It smudges/fades away completely if touched accidentally.
      • No matter how much I sharpen I never get a pointed end to get fine thin lines. Also, too much sharpening results in wastage of product.


      If you love to play with colors and yet don’t want to create a dent in your pocket this is the product for you. For the reasons stated in the “don’t like” section I am giving this a pass as it worked partially for me.

      RATINGS: 3 out of 5

      Beauty Check - Part 3

      Hey gals! I know, I said I would be MIA for a while but couldn't resist to talk to you people as I am so addicted to this blogoverse nowadays!! :)

      Here is the third part of the series Beauty Check. Check Part-1 here and Part-2 here if you don't know what I am talking about!

      So what's the topic for today? It is temporary lip tattoos!

      Okay first let me clarify that I am not a big fan of these but when I came across them, I thought I have to share this with all of you. Some of you might like to go for "off-the-beat" looks and are looking for some crazy new ideas maybe, then here is something you might like to try out when going for some wild-night-parties or wherever you think you can carry them off! 

      Image from GoogleImages

      What are these? They are the next generation of lip adornment. They’re basically like the nail strips you use in nail-arts, but these are for your mouth.The come in crazy patterns like animal prints, red fishnet, rainbow, and pink polka dot,glitter encrusted styles. 

      You can also create your own styles utilizing your own lipcolors.

      So what do you think about them? Would you like to try them out? ;)

      Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

      Hello ladies. Today I am going to review a product which has received many awards internationally and is a staple beauty product for many international beauties! :)
      It is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser.

      PRICE:  £5.10/Rs.325.80

      QUANTITY: 30ml tube (Available in variable sizes and price. Check their website for more information.) 



      WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Our plant-based cleanser has a 2-phase action, phase 1 is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make-up, even stubborn mascara.
      Phase 2 is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to help gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
      Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin."

      Beauty Bible Awards Beauty StealsRed Best of Beauty 2010The Green Beauty Bible Awards
      Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010CEW Beauty Insiders Choice Winner 2010QVC Customer Beauty Awards 2010
      Elle Beauty Awards 2010Woman's Own 2010 Beauty AwardsHandbag Beauty Awards 2010
      Essentials Best Beauty Buys 2011Woman & Home Best Beauty Buys 2011


      I received a sample size of 30ml tube and 1pc of pure muslin cloth to try out. I used it quite a few times to remove makeup (Read: I use minimal makeup of gloss and kohl liners and sometimes mascara) after coming back from college or any outing. Following is my take on the product.


      • The cream is of thick consistency but spreads evenly. Only a little amount is required to cover the whole face and neck.
      • The cleansing cream has a sweet, subtle smell, though it doesn’t linger on much.
      • It removes makeup, even the waterproof ones effectively.
      • The hot polishing gives a soothing and cleansing effect.
      • Leaves the skin smooth and supple after every application.
      • Doesn’t dry out the skin.
      • Didn’t break me out.
      • Comes in various size and price to suit every pocket.

      #Do you know the pure muslin cloth that they provide with the cleanser is made in India :) .


      • Lazy bums like me would find the process of cleansing, polishing and then drying the muslin cloth quite an overhead and time consuming.
      • It is not available in India. You have to buy the product online. I wish they retail in India too.

      It is a multi-award winner product. Do I need to say any more?

      RATINGS:  4 out of 5

      P.S. I have created a FB page for my blog. Do join it please! Click here.
      Also I would be super busy next few weeks, so would post sparsely, hope you all would still show your support and love to my blog. Thanks!!

      **Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

      Liz Earle Foot Repair Moisturiser™ Review

      Hello beauties! Today I am about to review the Liz Earle Foot Repair Moisturiser I received a few weeks back and have told you about it here. I have been using this on and off for quite sometime and now I am able to put forth how the product works (for me)!

      PRICE:  £12.50 / Rs.907.6

      QUANTITY: 100ml

      (Available in sample size of 15ml worth £4.60/Rs. 334) 


      Click on pic to enlarge

      WHAT IT CLAIMS:  "Made with softening avocado and wheatgerm oils plus shea butter, Foot Repair Moisturiser sinks in fast to deeply moisturise and smooth dry skin on heels and soles. This heavenly cream provides relief to tired, aching feet and lower legs and keeps them smelling sweet."

      MY EXPERIENCE: A refreshing cream for pampering my feet at the end of a tiring day. It has got a strong peppermint/menthol smell which I am absolutely crazy about. The cream has a thick texture yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I apply this on my feet and shank area. Following is my take on the product in a concise format.

      • The smell…oh the smell. I just love it to the bits!  I am a sucker for all things which has peppermint.
      • Gets absorbed quickly and gives a refreshing feeling to my feet.
      • Non sticky and light to feel which is sure a plus point for me, as I hate creams/moisturisers which feels heavy on the skin (though I have dry skin).
      • Keeps my feet moisturised until washed off.
      • Comes in a decent tube packaging with a sturdy flip cap.
      • Comes with the goodness of Avocado, Shea, Wheatgerm oil which contains Vit.E
      • The price in INR is quite a hefty amount for a foot moisturiser. It does pinch your pocket. Though you can try out the sample size to get the idea about the product.
      • It is not available in India. You have to buy the product online from their website. I wish they retail in India too.
      • A few times I applied it upto my knees and it made the skin on back of my knees a bit clammy in hot humid weather.So stick to applying it on feet and lower legs only.
      I liked the product as it stood to its claims. If you like to indulge and get yourself pampered do try out this product.

      RATINGS:  4 out of 5 

      **Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.