AuraVedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask Review

Hey ya ladies! :D Today I am going to review the AuraVedic Ritual Cleansing Mask which I received quite a long time back but took my own sweet time to test it (guilty! :P).

PRICE:  Rs.200



Prepared from a traditional formulation of natural herbs nourishes skin for smooth, radiant & glowing skin. Natural extracts of Sandal & Saffron ensure that the beauty of the skin is enhanced and nourished.

We live in an age of "smart work", instead of hard work, and like to implement it in all spheres of life, so why not incorporate the same in our skin care regime. And for that, these readymade ubtans are God sent. Who has got the time nowadays to collect the herbs and churn out an ubtan for skincare and follow it up every week! :P     

AuraVedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask comes in a simple tub packaging, in powder form. I like to mix it with raw milk and apply it on face and neck, keep it for 15 minutes approximately (until it turns a little dry and stretchy), and then wash it off with normal water. Skin might feel a bit stretchy, so its better to follow up with a moisturiser.

As for the results, it gives a cleansed, radiant skin and also adds some softness and smoothness, with a little golden yellow tinge (the instant glow is due to the turmeric, and the tinge would be more obvious if kept for a longer time). It has got a subtle sandalwood smell, which is quite soothing, but it isn't that obvious or OTT, if you are not fond of the smell. Only a little amount is required per use, so this tub would last really long. The instant radiance however doesn't last long. It comes handy to rejuvenate skin before any special event/parties. 

  • Gives instant radiance, rejuvenating dull skin.
  • Adds some softness and smoothness to skin.
  • Subtle, soothing sandalwood smell.
  • Simple, no fuss and effective packaging, since the product is in powder form.
  • Price is okay, as a little amount is required every time and one tub would last long. 
  •  All natural ingredients. No animal testing. 

  • The effect is for a short term, though regular use might provide some added benefits because of all the natural ingredients.
  • Available online mainly.

VERDICT: A great option for those who want to include natural ubtan in their skin care regime, minus the effort to start it from scratch. Let me know if you have tried it.

RATINGS:  4.5 out of 5 

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer. 

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel Review

Hola ladies! :) I always get so many queries regarding which aloe vera gel to use and where are they available. Today I am going to review the Aloe Vera Gel from the brand Rustic Art, which is a completely natural product brand. Hope this review helps those who want to buy natural aloe vera gel.

PRICE:  Rs.150

QUANTITY: 100 ml


Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel with Fresh Lemon Extracts is a natural moisturiser. It has natural astringent properties that controls acne by balancing excess oil. It is anti septic and heals skin inflammation, infections, allergies, blisters and even insect bites. It keeps the skin hydrated and is effective in removing tan. Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel has no side effects. 

MY EXPERIENCE: Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel comes in a simple tub packaging. The gel is absolutely colorless and without any artificial odour, and is the closest form of the original plant extract. It feels quite cooling and soothing on application. It turns a little sticky as it starts to get absorbed in skin, but once it gets completely absorbed, there is no stickiness or any heavy feeling.

The best part is it didn't dry out my skin like the previous aloe vera gel I have tried, and didn't cause any break outs. But, it is not moisturising enough for my dry skin, and I obviously need to layer it up with a cream. I have tried using it as a face mask too, applying a thick layer of the gel and keeping it for 15-20mins and then washing it off, and it leaves skin soft and supple. Since this controls oil, I think it would work great in summer. The price is economical as one tub would last 2 months easily, even if it is used as a regular moisturiser. As for the claims, my acne is controlled and spots have lightened to a great extent, but I think it could be the result of all the products which I am using at the moment are working well together. Well, to sum it up,

  • Hydrating, cooling and soothing.
  • Doesn't dry out or irritate skin or cause any breakouts.
  • Colorless and odourless, all natural aloevera gel.
  • Works great as a face mask, leaving skin soft and supple.
  • No sticky or heavy feeling once it gets absorbed.
  • Price is economical and one tub would last long.

  • Would have preferred a tube instead of the tub packaging.
  • Dry skin can't skip a moisturiser as it is hydrating but not very moisturising.
  • Available online only. 

VERDICT: Aloe vera gel is a multi purpose gel. While the original plant extract might cause irritation to sensitive skin, Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel is natural and pure that would suit every skin type. Let me know if you have tried this.

RATINGS:  4.25 out of 5 

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy Review

Happy Republic Day to my Indian friends :)

Today I thought of reviewing the Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy gel which I have been trying out on and off for past 3 weeks. If you are suffering from bouts of acne, read this review to know if this night therapy is effective or not.

PRICE:  Rs.755



Breakthrough overnight gel treatment therapy simultaneously heals acne, decreases oil production, reduces the appearance of scars and prevents future breakouts within days. Our proprietary pore clearing complex combines irritation-free BioSuphur, Salicylic Acid and Retinyl Palmitate for synergistically improved results.     
Hypoallergenic - Non-Comedogenic - Oil-Free - Fast-Absorbing

MY EXPERIENCE: Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy comes in a simple green, tub packaging. But, due to the texture and consistency of the gel, I think the tub packaging is really disadvantageous. The mouth is a little too small for my large fingers, and if I try to pour it out, too much quantity comes out leading to wastage. The texture and consistency is a bit slippery and thin serum like and for that I would have preferred a pump dispenser bottle. It has got a medicinal smell, which is a bit strong initially but then hardly noticeable after sometime. 

Anyhow, the main point is if the gel/cream works or not and yes it does, to a great extent. I get two or three (sometimes a lot more) acne every month, which is a serious mood breaker, as the marks that are left, takes longer to fade. After I started using this gel, I saw that it controlled the breakouts and didn't let the present acne to grow bigger. The gel spreads easily and takes a little time to get absorbed. On application it leaves a little tingling sensation and feels a bit sticky (like in case of aloe vera gel), but that subsides in a few minutes. Once it gets absorbed, there is no oily/sticky feeling. However, it doesn't moisturise skin (nor does it dry out). 

Not only does it control acne, but I have seen the acne spots I had, became a little lighter but it still has long way to go to give complete spotless skin. I also stopped using it in the middle to check if the acne comes back, but fortunately I didn't get any new bouts in the past 3 weeks. The price sounds steep, but then only a little amount is required everytime and one tub would last really long, and when I say that it means really long. :P To sum up,

  • Serum like consistency that doesn't feel heavy on skin.
  • Doesn't make skin oily.
  • Controls formation of acne to a great extent. 
  • Lightens acne spots.
  • Didn't cause any irritation.
  • No OTT claims, and works as per the claims.
  • It is a little pricey, but the tub would last long.
  • No new bouts of acne even after I stopped using it in the middle for a few days.

  • The tub packaging doesn't work for this kind of serum like consistency. Also, add the hygiene issue.
  • Doesn't moisturise skin much.
  • Not a fan of the medicinal smell.
  • Available online and select outlets. You can buy it from here.

VERDICT: It works and controls acne, but this is tested on my dry, problematic (adult acne) skin, which gets a few acne every month. I can't vouch for severe acne cases. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and oil-free, so it won't worsen or irritate your skin. But the results might vary. Hence try it at your own discretion.

RATINGS:  4 out of 5

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.

ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive - Shade Turquoise 88 Review

It feels like I haven't reviewed any cosmetic product for ages :P. So, today I decided to review the Colorbar Nail Lacquer Exclusive in shade Turquoise 88. Read on to know more about this pretty shade.

PRICE:  Rs.150


WHAT IT CLAIMS: The Exclusive Nail Polish is unique formulation combines intense color with incredible shine to create perfection and impeccable hold. Its rich color and high sheen formula strengthens nails and keeps them moisturized. The nail polish gives excellent glossy color payoff. Its toluene and DBP free and does not yellow out nails. It makes your hands look neat and salon perfect!


MY EXPERIENCE: This was so hard to photograph, as it either shows up too blue or too green in the pictures, but its a true turquoise shade with balanced mix of blue and green. I would say the last pic in the bottom row, is somewhat near to the actual shade.

The brush is really nice and helps in even application. The consistency is medium thick and 2 coats gives opaque coverage, and it takes around 15-20 minutes to dry completely. It dries down to a pastel finish with a hint of glossiness. However, it starts chipping at the tips from very next day, and remains wearable for 4-5 days only. And, ColorBar why have you started acting so pricey? :P

  • Pretty turquoise shade.
  • Pastel finish with a bit of glossiness.
  • Good quality brush.
  • Medium thick consistency that gives opaque coverage in 2 coats.
  • Comes in 85+ shades to choose from.
  • Its toluene and DBP free.

  • It chips at the nail tips from next day.
  • Priced a bit high.
  • Moisturising formula? Err...not sure!

VERDICT: ColorBar Nail Lacquer Exclusive in shade Turquoise is a really pretty shade to have. Quality wise this range is good, but the price pinches a bit. Let me know if you have tried this range. 

RATINGS:  4 out of 5

Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash Review

Hey ya girlies! Hope you guys had a great Lohri/Pongal/Makar Sankranti :). Today I am going to review another body wash from my stash and it is Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash. Read on to know whether I like it or not.

PRICE:   Rs. 99

QUANTITY: 240 ml


Infused with the fine scent of Black Orchid & Juniper Oil, this scent is inspired by exotic blossoms at the peck of their bloom and embraced into exquisite Fragrance Pearls giving you an intoxicating scent that lasts long after you step out of the shower

MY EXPERIENCE: I got this basically because the name sounded so exotic. And I know, how silly a reason it can be! :P Cause unlike the claims, it didn't give me any " resham se v reshmi ehsaas ", but only dry skin (more on that later).

Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash comes in a flip top cap packaging, which is spill proof. The texture and consistency looks similar to that of old Sunsilk shampoos (atleast to me). Coming to the fragrance, its a nice, perfume-ish smell, that lingers on your skin for a while, but it is quite subtle and disappears very quickly post bath. It doesn't leave any slippery feeling, but then it dries out my skin like the Lux soaps tends to do, and leave dry/flaky patches which I hate, especially in this winter when my dry skin becomes drier. Maybe it would work better in summers, but then I am not sure if I am going to try it again, even though it is pretty decently priced.

  • The texture is semi thick, which doesn't leave any slippery feeling on skin. 
  • It lathers pretty well, even without a loofah. 
  • Nice, perfume-ish smell but it is quite subtle and hardly noticeable post bath.
  • Pretty affordable and the quantity would last long.
  • Effective packaging. 

  • It dries out my skin, leaving dry patches, like normal Lux soaps.
  • Funnily, I don't find the texture to be a body wash like.
  • The smell is okay but nothing magical or relaxing about it.
  • I didn't get any free loofah...boohoo! :(   

VERDICT: I would suggest dry skin ladies to steer clear of this one, atleast in winters. It might be a nice body wash for summers though, and at that price tag, I don't expect any magical moments but then surely not dry patches.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5



In a move that reinforces Lakmé’s commitment to showcasing great talent and continuing the infusion of contemporary energy into Fashion Week, India’s leading beauty expert has announced that fashion visionary, Namrata Joshipura, will be the Grand Finale designer at LFW Summer / Resort 2013.  

The announcement reiterates Lakmé Fashion Week’s pledge to providing a platform for India’s finest talent and the show also marks Joshipura’s first-ever showcase at Lakmé Fashion Week.  

The Joshipura line fuses contemporary silhouettes with modern interpretations of artisanal embellishments and this year, for the Grand Finale, she will interpret Lakme’s new trend statement in a collection of modern, cutting edge looks inspired by the Lakmé Absolute international range.  

Dubbed as the next “Designer of India”, the multi-award winning former NIFT student is greatly looking forward to the opportunity.  

“For designers like myself who have sharpened their skills in India and abroad and seen the industry develop, it is incredibly important that we continue to promote talent here and it is an honour to be invited to showcase at the Grand Finale of Lakmé Fashion Week – Summer/Resort 2013” says Namrata Joshipura.  

“We are delighted to have Namrata Joshipura present the Grand Finale of Lakmé Fashion Week – Summer/Resort 2013. This will be her first ever show at LFW, which promises to be a grand showcase.  Namrata’s contemporary, cutting-edge aesthetic promises to make the Lakmé fashion statement for the season iconic at the Grand Finale” says Purnima Lamba, Lakmé, Innovations.

About Lakmé Fashion Week:  

Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) is jointly organized by Lakmé, the No.1 cosmetics and beauty services brand in India and IMG Reliance, the global leader in sports and entertainment event marketing and management. LFW has been conceived and created with a vision to “Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world”. LFW is organized twice every year. LFW Summer/Resort 2013 will be held from March 22 to March 26th at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai. For further information log on to http://www.Lakmé

PR Info: Model Auditions - Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013

Now’s your chance to strut your stuff at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013
Entering the World of Fashion may seem like a distant, glittering dream but with Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 on the horizon, now is an incredible opportunity to walk the ramp at the latest edition of the iconic event.

If you’ve got the looks and you’ve got the walk, then this is your ultimate opportunity to mix it with some of the best international and national models in the fashion business. 

LFW has always believed in hunting for emerging talent and showcasing it with style. This Summer/Resort 2013, LFW yet again looks for fresh faces.

If you have it in you to set the ramp on fire, head to Grand Hyatt Mumbai on January 29th, 2012 for the Lakmé Fashion Week – Summer/Resort 2013 model auditions and earn your chance to be one of India’s next top models. L FW Summer/Resort 201- Model Auditions exclusively for female models only 

Date – Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Venue – Grand Salon, Grand Hyatt, Santa-Cruz (E), Mumbai
Registrations on the spot
No fee for registration

Model Requirements
Carry 2 sets of pictures/composite cards, with name, height, vital stats & telephone number written behind
Dress Code
Uppers: Short Singlet/Sleeveless or Tube Top 
Lowers: Tight fit hot shorts or skirt (Please do not wear jeans or dresses)
Minimum Height
Females:  5’7  and above
For More Information, please contact:
Nikhita Punja, IMG Reliance
T: +91 22 6145 5919

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First haul of 2013 ;)

These days I am leaning more towards skin care and hair care products, rather than make-up and cosmetics, and to prove it, see my first haul of 2013 ;)

Ordered some stuff from Here is a sneak peek of my haul and upcoming reviews. ;)

What did I get?  

  • ALOE VEDA CEDARWOOD LUXURY SHOWER GEL - I wanted to try a new shower gel and chose to try this brand! They have a lot of variants, but I chose the cedarwood one as it sounds quite woody and oriental. Hope the smell turns out to be as good.
  • GATSBY SET & KEEP EXTREME HOLD SPRAY - I have suddenly got a new found interest in doing different hairstyles. So trying out a hair setting spray for the first time.
  • TRESEMME CLIMATE CONTROL SHAMPOO  - Yep, got it at last. :P
  • VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE COCOA GLOW 24HR NOURISHING LOTION - My staple body lotion. :) Read my review on the same.

What did you buy this month? :)