Deal Alert: Illamasqua FREE International Delivery

This is quite first of its kind post on B.B.B, as I generally don't write whole blogposts on discounts and just add the new one's in the offers/discounts tab on the sidebar. But, I would want my lovely readers to grab the best deals out there. So what is better than to start with a brand that is raved for it's own unique line of colors and products that beckons your alter-ego, a brand that has always encouraged self-expression in its purest form, without inhibitions or constraint. 
Now is the time to fill your vanity with all the gorgeous colors from their HUMAN FUNDAMENTALISM collection, or their THEATRE OF THE NAMELESS collection.

  • Illamasqua is now offering FREE International Delivery on all orders over £75 permanently!
  • And until this Sunday 1st April [closing midnight GMT] they have FREE International Delivery on all orders over £45 - just enter INTER45 at checkout.
  • And they wouldn't leave out the UK! Entering UK2012 will guarantee free delivery on ALL orders!

And while you at it, here is more good news for you,
Illamasqua is hosting a 5 day Easter competition through their site [] and on Facebook page, inviting their and fans to vote for what they want to see as part of the giveaway alongside top cult pieces picked out by their HQ team [see the latest one by Gillian Staal, UK Area Manager] and so this weekend the vote will be for Pure Pigments - get involved on their Facebook page! - meaning the 10th product will be announced on Monday.

Illamasqua team are then offering the 5 boxes filled with the 10 specially selected pieces to win - to enter, just visit and they will pick 5 winners on Thursday 5th April [you can enter now, knowing what 9 out of the 10 products are!]

Check back again for more deals! Till then happy shopping! ;)

PR Info: Sigma Beauty New FREE Gift

For the month of April, Sigma Beauty is offering a new free gift with all purchases over $30! 

The pink travel-sized E05 eyeliner brush delivers a precise stroke to line the eyes. This promotion will begin April 1st and be valid for one month. 

Check out Sigma Beauty to buy your choice of brushes and get a free gift on purchse of $30!

PR Info: Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Summer Fresh TVC Preview

Parachute has now come up with a new summer variant to refresh the ‘magical romance moments this summer’.

As the scorching summer sets in, all new Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh is the answer to keeping your skin refreshed and beautiful all day long. A coconut milk based body lotion infused with cool and tingling mint extracts to keep your skin refreshed and rejuvenated in the summer heat. What’s more – it also gives your skin double protection against the sun rays with its UV A & B base protection. Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh penetrates deep into your skin & refreshes it to get the soft and revitalized look through the summer!

While we may not realize it, our skin loses a lot of moisture during the summer months, diminishing its freshness and softness & making it vulnerable to sun-tan. Summers in essence, is a harrowing time for your skin – and it goes through multiple skin screams – summer heat, dehydration, tanning, stickiness, and bad odour. This is when it needs that burst of moisture more than ever. All new Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh has identified the need for a one-stop solution for all these multi-dimensional summer screams. The mint extracts provide an instant cooling on skin and refresh it after a hot summer day, coconut milk infuses light moisture to soften skin and keep it supple. Its bloom of refreshing and long lasting fragrance lingers on to give a invigorating feel for longer. Moreover, the double sunscreens provide double protection from sun. The result is refreshed, hydrated, healthy skin that is soft to touch all summer long.
So, welcome the summers with Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh as it offers your skin a cooling & fresh experience all summer long!

The all new Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Summer Fresh is available in the following range: 

Product: Parachute Advansed Body Lotion- Summer Fresh 

Pack Size   MRP (Inclusive of all taxes)
20 ml          Rs. 5 (Introductory offer)
100 ml        Rs. 65
250 ml        Rs. 125

I am sharing the TVC link which will be aired tomorrow for your preview. 

Beauty Check - Part 7

It has been too long that I didn't post anything new in this series. But guess what, I found some interesting trend to share with you lovelies out there!

Today's topic in this series is Hair Chalking!

What's that exactly?
Hairstyles are always developing from time to time. We saw trends of highlighting, feather extensions, etc. to add that glam to the regular hair color.

Hair Chalking just made an entry to this long list of hair coloring/accessorizing methods and is the easiest and most affordable of all the processes.

How to do it?
  • Dampen the strands of hair.
  • Colour them in with the pastel shade of your choice.
  • Wait for hair to dry.
  • Seal the colour in with a straightening iron.

Or you can follow this video by one of my fave blogger/vlogger, Meredith Jessica. Got the idea from here first and then did my own little research ;)

Would you like to try this?? I am really tempted to try, only to see the shocked expression on my mom's face :P

Check out my other posts in this series.

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Images are from Google.

Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar Review

Hola ladies! Today I am going to review the Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar, another of my random buys from a shopping website ( just to cross the minimum amount to skip shipping charges :P) , quite a few months back, and then I almost forgot to review it. Just for the sake of curiosity, I tried it for a few days to see if it does deliver any results.

PRICE: Rs.30



MY EXPERIENCE: The soap resembles a normal glycerine soap but much smaller in size. It has got a strong sandalwood smell that is retained by skin even after rinsing it off, which might get suffocating to the sensitive noses. Honestly, I didn't see any glow nor did it seem to work on my acne marks/pimples. Only left me with dry, stretchy skin. I didn't notice any extraordinary results.

  • Foams easily and cleanses skin.
  • Doesn't melt away easily.
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • Doesn't do what it claims.
  • Leaves skin dry and stretchy.
  • Overwhelming sandalwood smell.
  • The soap is so small and slips from hand easily.
  • The quantity is too little for the price.
VERDICT: Not an extraordinary or recommendable product. As, I said it was only a random buy and I am not going to buy it again. :P 

RATINGS: 2.5 out of 5

Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) Products: Aloe Vera Gel Review + 2 Soaps overview

Hola ladies! Or should I say Namaste Bhaktjano ;) as today I am about to review a few, very desi products!!
I hope you guys remember my Patanjali products haul at the very beginning of this year! Well, I took my own sweet time to try them out. The main reason was that, it wasn't working as I expected it to, during the winters, so I waited for the weather to change to see some different results. Was it different? Read on!

PRICE: Rs.75

QUANTITY: 150 ml



MY EXPERIENCE: I was very keen to try out the Patanjali products as I heard a lot of good things about their range and all the products are oh-so-affordable. I thought of starting with their Aloe Vera gel. Prior to this I have never used any aloe-vera gel from any brand or in its natural form. So I had nothing to compare it to. However, I expected that an organic product won't be harmful to my skin. So I went ahead and bought it. I started using it in lieu of moisturiser for my face. But it tightened and further dried out my dry skin like anything. After a few more tries, with some resultant breakouts (yes it is sensitive me :P) I thought of giving it a break and wait for the season to change. I don't blame the gel for the breakouts but the dryness it caused might have resulted in excess sebum secretion and thus the breakouts. My milia got aggravated too (I don't know if this product was the culprit) and I had to consult a doc :( However, my mom became a fan of it from first use (and she also has dry skin) and she said it really gives a good feeling on her skin and asked me to get another tube for her.

Now, that the weather has got really hot here, when I don't feel like putting heavy creams on my face as my face turns really oily, I use this before going out, but first I moisten my face with Liz Earle toner and let it settle for a few seconds and then massage in the gel. It helps to keep the oiliness and stickiness at bay for a few hours. It also brightened up my complexion to some extent (not the fairness cream claim type). But it didn't do anything for the acnes or dark spots. To sum it up,

  •  It is quite a nice replacement for the heavy creams during summers for my dry combination skin.
  • It helps to keep my skin dry to some extent.
  • It brightened up my face on regular usage.
  • Cost effective for the quantity.
  • Effective packaging and you can see how much of the product is left. 

  • Caused breakouts due to extreme dryness of skin during winters. 
  • Not a sole reason maybe, but my milia got aggravated post using this.
  • Didn't work on acne/spots till now.
RATINGS: 3 out of 5

I would also like to give some overviews/mini reviews on the two soaps I bought along with the aloe vera gel. Though I have used them up long ago but didn't find anything extraordinary about them to write full reviews.




Both the soaps are mild and didn't dry out my skin. I didn't see any commendable improvement of my skin but they are quite nice, regular priced bathing soaps. As you can see from the ingredients list it is made from organic substances. However, I am not too thrilled to see Goumutra as an ingredient in the aloe vera soap (which I just noticed while uploading the pics). I know its quite a holy product in India and is used in many *pujas* for purification purposes of body and soul and such, but listing it as the ingredient is giving me the creeps!! In cases like these I would rather welcome the brands to suppress this kind of information. It's better for me to not know :P! 

RATINGS: 4 out of 5

VERDICT: I must belong to some weird species for whom cosmetic/un-natural products works better than natural/organic products and this has been the case for most of the herbal/natural products I have used till date, so I am not complaining about this range. The aloe vera gel might suit oily skinned ladies better than the dry skinned ones. 
Have you tried out these products?  Share your experiences with me!

Winner: Jamberry Nails Giveaway

Thanks to all the lovely people who entered the giveaway, inspite of the little glitch in the rafflecopter form as it wasn't working on some browsers.My giveaway has ended, and its time to pick up a winner :D.

UPDATE: The previous winner didn't contact me within the stipulated time. Hence a new winner is selected!

So the winner is,


Congratulations Melita :D I will emailing you in a few minutes. You have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize. Else, I would have to select another winner.

Others, who didn't win or didn't enter, please don't be disheartened, there will be many more giveaways coming up soon.So stay tuned :D

PR Info: Illamasqua's SS12 Human Fundamentalism Collection

An explosion of your alter ego, Human Fundamentalism is about becoming who you are and not what society tells you to be. Beauty isn’t about conformity but the fundamental human desire to express your inner beauty on the outside. rise above mainstream limitations and join our world where individuality is received with celebration not derision: break the mould to show strength not instability. embracing our glorious imperfections and showing the world we’re not ordinary but extraordinary is what Illamasqua stands for.
We’re beyond conformity, celebrating instead freedom of expression.
We’re beyond hiding who we really are.
We are not a religion, but the singular opposite.
We are Illamasqua.

“Human Fundamentalism is the unique spirit and fundamental human drive for individuality. It’s a belief, a movement and an emotion. A connection with the spirit of the age and its global motifs. You are your own human hybrid, a unique nomad of street cultures and global trends.”
Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director.

Human Fundamentalism is a celebration of humanity’s connection with colour, where blinding flashes of kaleidoscopic pigment provides a sharp contrast to warmer tones, resulting in a saturated palette that catapults your alter ego to the next level of self-expression. Mix contrasting textures – including a myriad of matts, glorious creams and rich metallics… to express your true self. This is nonconformity at its most fundamental and at its unpredictable best.

''Human Fundamentalism to me is physical expression of your self-belief, sharing your opinions with colour that shape the narrative of your thoughts and inner self. It is a statement of conviction and colour confidence, it states, this is me and now see what I see, be tinted by how I express colour and behold an oblivion to social convention and constraints.''
David Horne, Illamasqua Director of New Product Development

Powder Eye Shadow (£15.00)
An explosion of highly pigmented Powder Eye Shadows in six bold shades: Burst (Blue Green), Cancan (Lilac Purple), Pivot (Yellow Green), Vernau (Yellow Ochre) Obsidian (Rich Black), and Sex (Pure White). Intense and long-lasting the easily blendable shades express every aspect of your humanity.

Sealing Gel (£10.50)
A single drop of Sealing Gel turns any powder product into a water-resistant, colour-intense paste, perfect for adorning your face and body with bold tribal stripes, intricate gentle lines or bold geometric patterns of pigment. Use with Human Fundamentalism Powder Eye Shadows to unleash your artistic potential.

Palettes (£30.00)
Fundamental Palette – The Fundamental Palette is a playground for self-expression, created to allow you to experiment with contrasting textures, from glistening Liquid Metal in molten pewter to matt Cream Pigment in mint green. Coupled with two vibrant Powder Eye Shadows in Inception (Rich Violet) and Hype (Bold Yellow) this palette demands nonconformity.

Neutral Palette – Create sculpted highlights and stark contours anywhere on your face and body with these four fundamental Powder Eye Shadows. From new matt shades in Stealth (Creamy Buttermilk), Wolf (Chocolate Brown) and Vintage (Antiqued Gold) – a shade exclusive to this palette - to the accents of Obsidian (Rich Black), express your inner light and darkness in a rich riotous glamour.

Precision Ink (£17.00) - In pure white, our Precision Ink in Scribe is the ultimate anti-liner - subvert expectations and highlight the unconventional, creating white-lined eyes and white-out brows with Precision Ink’s super-fine tip. Waterproof and extremely long-lasting, Precision Ink also makes the perfect nail art pen! Just apply on top of any shade of Nail Varnish then seal with Illamasqua Top Coat.

Nail Varnish (£13.50)-New Nail Varnishes in Nomad (Bright Jade) and Stance (Bright Mauve) are fearlessly fresh and vibrant. High-gloss and packed with pigment, they are the most stunning shades of idiosyncrasy.

Lipstick (£15.50)- Dare to be you by choosing our vibrant new Lipstick shade, Apocalips (Bright Teal). This stunning turquoise blue shade speaks of uncompromising self-expression, the fundamental desire to stand out and a deep connection with the power of pure colour. However, if your alter ego manifests itself in the richest of reds, our deep scarlet Lipstick in Box [named after our Creative Director Alex Box, who designed it!] takes you way beyond conformity.

Skin Base Foundation Shade Au (£25) Limited Edition- When the world says blend in, we say stand out - Skin Base Foundation in Au [the chemical symbol for gold] contains micro flecks of subtle metallic shimmer combined with our cult BB cream-inspired foundation that smoothes, softens and conditions your skin. Mix with foundation for a subtle glow, underneath for a luminous glow, or go all out and transform yourself in to a gilded god or goddess.

Human Fundamentalism is available from March 15th 2012

Lotus Herbals Gorgeous Natural Diva Kit Review

Hey girlies! I am back again after a brief lull in posting! I got a nice little surprise in my mail some two weeks back in the form of the Gorgeous Natural Diva Kit by Lotus Herbals.

The Kit consists of :
  • Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel in Crimson Red 912
  • Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup SPF 15  in shade Natural Beige 720
  • Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick in shade Red Rose 612

The kit is available on an offer price of Rs 499 (original price of the 3 products Rs 593).

I would do a summarized review of the first two as I have already reviewed the two products before on my blog and a detailed review of the Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick. So get ready for a pretty long pic heavy post! :D

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel in Crimson Red 912:

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel is available in 10 beautiful shades. I was happy to receive the Crimson Red 912 in the kit, which is a pretty Valentine red that never looks OTT. It is perfect for weddings or parties. 

PRICE:  Rs.99 

The swatch is only one thick coat. It gives a glossy finish to the nails which I quite like but it forms tiny bubbles on 1-2nails which is quite irritating. You can read my full review on Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel here.

Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup SPF 15  in shade Natural Beige 720 Review:

 Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup SPF 15 is a 4-in-1 stick foundation. The previous shade I bought from this range was a mismatch, but the Natural Beige 720 blends with my skintone perfectly.

PRICE:  Rs.249


I don't dare to use it as a foundation as it is a bit heavy but as a concealer (ya this shade works for me) and as an eye makeup base. You can read my full review on Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup SPF 15 here.

Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick in shade Red Rose 612:

Since I am a fairly new user of  lipsticks, I haven't tried this oh-so-affordable and pretty shades from Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick range.

PRICE:  Rs.225

WHAT IT CLAIMS: ‘Pure Colors’ is a range of 12 exciting moisturizing lip colors in pinks and browns. There are 6 shades of each type. They have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The unique product qualities are: – Uniform dispersion of pigments – Rich payoff – Smooth application

Active ingredients :
JOJOBA – Jojoba helps promote healing of the skin. – Its antimicrobial properties in addition to the chemical composition that closely resembles skin’s natural sebum, makes it easy to absorb and non-allergic even in the most sensitive individual.


MY EXPERIENCE: I had mixed feelings when I got this shade, as I have told you guys many times that red lippies are not my forté. But, Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick in shade Red Rose is not a bright in-your-face red, rather it a subtle red hovering more on a deeper pink side and makes it wearable. But, it is still too dark for my liking. However the shade changes color in different lighting, like, it looks more pink on my lips (in normal daylight) but deep red on my hand (which is nearer to the actual shade) like in the swatches above. Other than that, I found this lipstick to be very moisturizing (I tried it directly on dry lips and it made them considerably soft) and gives a satin finish, much like the Lotus Herbals MoistPetals™ Lipstick. To sum it up,

  • It is a creamy and moisturizing lipstick that gives a satiny finish and feels quite light.
  • Doesn't feather or bleed much or transfer to teeth. (Yes I had that experience :"> )
  • One swipe gives enough coverage.
  • Doesn't settle into fine lines.
  • Quite affordable for the quantity.
  • The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Lasts more than 3 hours and leaves a slight tint on fading off.
  • The shade brightens up your face.
  • Transfers to objects very easily. I accidentally rub it off sometimes.
  • The shade is too dark for my liking.
VERDICT: The range seems nice and I have heard a lot about it too from my fellow bloggers. Would love to try some other shades.

RATINGS:  4 out of 5

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.





Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner Review

Whew! That was a huuuu...uggeee title for a post ;)
So ya, I am back with the review of the conditioner (no I am not repeating the name for sake of increasing the word count..err..I actually did that :P) that I got in my recent haul. Now, what made me buy this. Well, you see Sunsilk has this trend of coming with remodeled products with the same old formula every now and then, which I am not bothered to try out most of the times. But this time the new shape and color and the whole glam factor of the range made me buy this conditioner and the words 'salon like', 'Keratin Micro Technology' etc. acted like a catalyst in the process. And I am glad I did. Read on to know why!

PRICE: Rs.200



"Keratinology by Sunsilk Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner prepares hair for intensive repair.

The conditioner has been formulated with Keratin Micro Technology to prolong the look and feel of salon-like hair and to address the damage caused by bleaching, colouring, and heat styling.

The conditioner penetrates the hair fibre to help restore and retain moisture loss, while conditioning ingredients help to repair surface damage by sealing cuticles and locking in your colour for longer."

MY EXPERIENCE: Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner is of medium consistency that is neither too thick and creamy nor too runny, but perfect to easily spread and apply on wet hair. The color and consistency reminds me of 'mishti doi' (sweet yogurt) :P. It has got a strong but nice smell which lingers on for a bit after washing off. The best thing about this conditioner is that, it not only makes my hair 'feel soft', but also my hair ends seems 'visibly softer, with soft light curls at the end, without any curling or heat. Like any other good conditioner it helps in easy detangling, makes my hair more manageable, though I haven't seen any drastic change in my hairfall i.e. it has neither increased or decreased, or the frizzy top layer (which I think is completely roasted and fried and nothing can work on it :( ). 

  • The medium consistency is perfect for my dry hair.
  • I quite like the strong smell, but that depends on personal choice.
  • I like how it makes my hair 'visibly soft' like they blare on the ads, which is quite a nice change for me.
  • Makes my hair look shinier and healthier.
  • For the work it does, I am okay with the price.

  • The packaging i.e the dispensing mouth of the bottle is not spill proof and that's from my personal experience. There was a bit of leakage when the product reached me. Hence, not very travel friendly.
  • Though I don't care as long as the product works, but I think this conditioner leads to product build up on hair, because when I wash my hair the next day, it feels a bit too sleek as if there is a film on my hair. #Note: I rinse my hair properly after applying the conditioner, so that's not an issue!
  • Doesn't give me the perfect salon straight hair like it claims, but then I don't use any blow dryer or straightener to get one.

VERDICT: Now, this is surely giving a hard competition to my HG conditioner and going to my love list for hair care. I am definitely going to get some back-up. If you have rough/dry hair the you can give this a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5

ColorBar Blush - Shade Plum Brown Review

Hola ladies! I am seriously lagging behind on my posts. But, at times I couldn't muster the energy to post even when I plan to do. And, when I sit to do one, my internet chooses to betray me at that moment. Like today, I spent 2-3 hours doing nothing but to wait for it to get stable. Uggghhh!! And before it changes its mood again, let me get on with today's review.

I don't know how I became so crazy for blushes suddenly, and now I hardly go out without wearing some. So, today I would be reviewing the ColorBar Blush in shade Plum Brown.

 PRICE: Rs.300


WHAT THEY CLAIM: Available in five shades, Plum Brown, Cosmic Rose, Fuchsia, Peachy Rose and Just Earth, the Blusher accentuates the cheek area giving a glow to the face.

This silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.


Left: Blended    Right: Unblended


I wanted to try Peachy Rose but, it was OOS, but I am glad I got the Plum Brown one because Peachy Rose seems to be similar to my Deborah Milano Rosa Pesca and I wouldn't have liked two similar buys at the same time. Plum Brown is a powdered blush with finely milled particles and hence blends easily. It is shimmerless and the shade is a pretty light brown with just a hint of peach (I don't see plum) that would flatter most of the skintones. For very fair tones this can used for contouring too. On an average it stays for more than 4 hours on my dry skin with very slight fading. The packaging is sturdy, with two compartments inside. The upper one has the blush, while the lower one has an attached mirror and a small brush which is really soft but shreds like crazy. It would have been a perfect travel friendly blush, had the brush was a little more useful. 

  • Highly pigmented and easy to blend.
  • Didn't cause breakout or irritation.
  • This shade is non-shimmery and can be worn anytime.
  • Can be layered to use for contouring.
  • Stays for more than 4 hours on me.
  • Price is comparatively reasonable for the quantity, but I hope they don't hike the prices again.
  • The brush is soft but shreds crazily and hence can't be used.
  • Almost all the shades look similar to me barring the peachy rose.
If you are new to blushes, it's a nice brand to start with, without burning a hole in the pocket. For me, other than the peachy Rose I might not get any other shade, though I really loved the quality. 

RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5


So there is this tag post going around in the blogosphere for quite a while. And I got tagged by my sweetest blogger buddy Rekha (I love to call her Rekhu :D...*puchhiees* for the tag).

Here comes the rules,

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions. 
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''

11 random facts about me:
  • I like to plan my next day and check a to-do-list in my mind before going to sleep.
  • Continuing to the first fact, I do slip on a few points and only remember them before falling asleep *SHIT* :P
  • I am very moody, whether I am PMSing or not.
  • I am addicted to my laptop and internet and feel a void when they are not up and working.
  • Though I might come across like a chatterbox on my blog, but I talk much less in person, and like to listen and observe others.
  • I am in my last semester of post-grads and I can't wait it to end and get started with a real job, so much so it gets suffocating at times!
  • Sometimes I am too ignorant to my skin and diet, and have to face consequences but I am yet to learn my lesson *GUILTY* :P
  • I am too stubborn and lazy and that is a deadly combination ;)
  • I will be completing silver jubilee in this world, later this year, but I still have a mind of a 16 year old and talk like a 8 year old.
  • I always believe in the goodness of others.
  • I hate rains and never find them romantic!

Okay now its time for Rekha's questions:

1.  What’s the good, bad and the ugliest thing you have seen in this blogging world?
The Good: The effort and the good intention put behind all the blogs is commendable.

The Bad: To condemn someone's effort and make fun or bitch about them is not required. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and has the right to express it, but not by pulling down someone else.
The Ugliest:  Haters and blog-competitors. Hello! It's only a blog and not a life deciding factor.

2.   What’s the most adventurous/funniest thing you ever did in your life?
I had many funny moments during my school life. And they are still topics of discussion in our regular meets of school friends and gets us into a fit of laughter. Like one incident, where our English teacher was taking long to come to class and we sneaked out from the other side to the basketball court on the backside to play for 15mins, and she saw us from the windows that we were playing and was coming out of the class to get us and give punishment, and when we saw her we rushed into the classroom from the other side. When she came in the class again and charged us, we stood with innocent faces and said we were in the class only and she got so confused and didn't give punishment at all. Well, it was damn funny at that age.

3.    Favorite movie punch line/dialogue (with movie name and reason why it's your favorite).
The DDLJ one: Bade Bade Sheharo Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hain Senorita. Well it isn't a favorite, but it's somehow stuck in my head and my bf repeats it sometimes when he tries to be funny.

4.   Have you ever lied for good? If so what was your best lie that you were in fact proud of?
Uhmm..maybe sometimes to save mine or my friend's ass, but nothing life changing to be proud of.

5.   Any funny incident with SA’s or while shopping for makeup?
 I find it funny when I see the SAs putting on their makeup hurriedly when they see some customers coming.

6.   If given an option, the one thing you wish to change in your life
Throw away all my depression and the depressing factors out of my life.

7.   What’s the funniest dream you ever had
Don't remember any at the moment.

8.   What is the first thing you do once you getup in the morning
Check my mobile for *a missed call* from *him*.

9.   Do you have any weird habit?
Washing my hands too many times than needed.

10. How many shoes and bags do u have (approx)
I am not a collector and I have only 2-3 pair of shoes and 1-2 bags/purses (not counting the ones which I don't use anymore but kept) which are good to go for different occasions.

11.  One question that you wish to ask God if you get a chance to meet him

"Is the world going to end this year?"  provided I meet him/her before that!

Now here are my questions, 

  • Why is blogging important to you?
  • What’s the good, bad and the ugliest thing you have seen in this blogging world?
  • Given a choice, what would you like to be in the next life?
  • Your worst addiction?
  • What is the best thing that has ever happened to/with you?
  • You are guilty of which of the Seven deadly sins?
  • Your favorite song and why it is your favorite?
  • What is part/time of the day you enjoy the most?
  • What is the most difficult thing you had to do till now?
  •  Sweet/Salty/Sour/Bitter?
  •  What is the best compliment you ever got?

And I am tagging these wonderful bloggers (hoping they aren't tagged already)

Whew! What a long post! However, I enjoyed it and I hope you do too :D