Makari de Suisse Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap

After reading many raving reviews on many beauty-blog forums I decided to give this product a try. Firstly I would like to add that I was not looking for some fairness formula from this product. This product is claimed to clarify and even your skin-tone, by which I understand and expect it to remove tan, blemishes and dark spots.
I never had any acne problems during my teenage years. But post-teenage I got this sudden bad bout of pimples. My skin broke out badly and I had to take some homeopathy medicines to counter it. It did not completely stop break outs but it reduced their occurrences. But every month I still get one or two pimples popping out and leave these ugly blemishes. So I went ahead and ordered this product from their website .

Following is my take on the product,


PRICE: Rs.800 (ouch!). I bought it when it was on 50% discount i.e. Rs.400 (actually Rs.399) and also free shipping (quite a bargain huh!) 




More Info from their website: 
Thanks to its natural properties, this triple action soap is designed to effectively brighten, cleanse and even tone the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Gentle enough to use daily, this unique formula has ingredients designed to lighten and protect the skin with topical anti-oxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level. The soap offers an ideal treatment to prepare the skin for the enhanced effectiveness of the entire range of Makari de Suisse Skin Clarifying products.

Skin Type and Usage Directions:

Suitable for all skin types. Use daily in the bath or shower. For maximum effect of the soaps whitening properties please keep lather on for at least 5 minutes. 



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I use this soap only on my face and hands (kind of use it as a substitute of face wash you can say!) twice everyday and I am using it for past 1-1.5 month. About my skin I should tell you a few things: I have got dry-combination and sensitive skin which means it is one of those weird skin types where I tend to get rashes easily, applying moisturisers or creams make my skin feel oily and heavy and if I don’t apply some I get dry, flaky skin (aaarghhh!!! Can it get any more worse!!). 

  • To start with the soap really works great at exfoliating. I sometimes get rough, dark patches on my elbows (the area which touches the desks or table most of the time). When I regularly used this soap on those patches, after a few days I observed the darkness is gone completely, also the roughness has reduced considerably and is hardly noticeable.
  • It works magically on pimples. It doesn’t stop them from coming. But when applied over a “budding” pimple :P , it reduces the pain and itchiness within a day and dries it out within 2-3 days completely, that way it stops from forming any blemishes.
  •  The smell is a nice sandalwood one. But not very strong in case you are allergic to such smells.
  • I like the hexagonal shape of the soap. It’s quite unique no!
  • The 200 gm bar soap is going to last very long. I am using it for almost 1.5 month and more than half the quantity is still remaining. Usually a 100gm bathing soap lasts me for 10-12days maximum depending on usage.
  • My mom says after using this soap, it brings a glow to my face though I am not quite sure about it.
  • It dries out my skin like any normal soap. Seriously, I didn’t expect that from such a pricey soap esp. when it claims to  “condition the skin and retain its moisture level”.
  • The  beads are a bit hard and scratchy to feel.
  • I didn’t see any de-tanning of my skin. There was only a slight negligible change  of my skin tone, which can be because of various other reasons like, as I am on a summer holiday leave, so most of the time I am indoors.
  • The price. It is so high. I had to shell it out from my meager pocket money and I know how it pinches your pocket. :( :P 


Well a few things I would like to add about the brand and it services. I was very happy with their online shopping and delivery services. I had few online shopping experiences. So in comparison I can assure you this was the best experience I got to have. They didn’t charge me any extra for the cash on delivery option. Also though the shipping was free, they delivered me the product in just 4 days as promised. I really loved the fact that they treat every customer with equal importance.
Now the verdict, well it is a pricey soap and considering the experiences I got from it I may come back to it when they slash down their prices again. Meanwhile I will try and search for some other products maybe. You can try out their sample from here.

RATINGS: 3.5 out of 5 + .5 for good delivery service = 4 out of 5

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