D-Eva went to meet the Playboy in the Yardley on a Fogg-y night - ( A collective review of some deodrants, can you guess the names? :P)

Don't sue me, the absurd title is the outcome of my feverish mind *poor me, sob sob* :P. Yes, I am suffering from cold and fever for last few days, and today, since I am feeling a bit better, thought of reviewing the 5 deodrants that I have been using for a while. There isn't too much to tell in details, so instead of posting individual reviews, I am doing a composite, short reviews of each of them.

So first up, is the Playboy Women Play It Sexy Deodorant. ;) As kinky as the name sounds, the fragrance is sexy too. Perfect to wear in the evening. If you like musky fragrances, then this can become one of your favourites. Staying power is commendable and I can smell it even after 5-6 hours of wear on me. 

Only thing that miffed me, is the intense underlying alcohol smell (quite common with most of the deodrants) just upon application, though it recedes as it settles down. Priced at Rs.199.00  for 150 ml, this is definitely worth a try. RATINGS: 4 out of 5

On to the next, the Yardley London English Lavender Deodorant. I wanted to try out this fragrance, ever since I saw the ad by Katrina. This one has got a sweet lavender smell that makes you feel all sweet and girly kind.:P Perfect for morning wear. However, I can't trace it on me after 3 hours or so. 

Although, the smell is sweet and light, but I warn you, not to overdo it (pssst...else the you might smell like HIT). Priced at Rs.160.00  for 150 ml, this is quite economical and would suit school/college going girls who love flowery smell. RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5

Next one is also from Yardley London. This one is their Lace Satin Deodorant for Women. I got this one as I was quite intrigued by the words, Satin and Lace in a deo. :D The smell is quite sharp, I actually can't relate it to anything as such, sometimes it reminds of some medicinal talcum powder, sometimes I find it too artificial. 

In short, nothing lace-y or satin-y about it. Staying power is hardly 2-3 hours on me. Even this spray bottle is a bit dysfuntional and doesn't push/spray easily. It is priced at Rs.160.00  for 150 ml. You aren't actually missing much if you haven't tried it. RATINGS: 3 out of 5

Now comes my favourite of the lot. Eva Wild Spicy Muguet All Day Freshness Deo. I love, love, love this one. :D If you are like me who abhors citrusy fragrances and are not much into flowery fragrances either, then this wild, woody, spicy fragrance is for you. It isn't intense, and can be worn in daytime as well as in evening. And guess what, this one actually stays the whole day on me. I can even smell it on my clothes next day. It also claims to be alcohol free and thus scores more brownie points. ;) 

I liked everything about this one and can't remember any negative points. And I actually re-bought this one coz I loved it so much. Priced at Rs.110.00  for 125 ml, this is easy on the pocket too. Would recommend this to all who love woody/musky fragrances. RATINGS: 4.75 out of 5

Now, the last but not the least is the Fogg Delicious Body Spray for Women. This is one of my recent buys (last week to be precise). Honestly, I always found the ads for the Fogg deodrants very funny, IDK why. :P When I got it, I found their, No Gas , Only Deo claim is quite true as the spray bottle itself weighed more compared to other deos, and one can feel the movement of the liquid inside the bottle if the bottle is turned upside down. There wasn't any gas/fizz when I sprayed it. 

Coming to the smell, it is so intense and in-your-face kind of, which I can only co-relate with some artificial incense stick fragrance. I love and hate it at the same time. :P But my mom just adores this smell, and gets nostalgic as it reminds her about the *pujo during her childhood days* (I am talking about THE mega festival of Bengalis, Durga Puja.....pssst only 95 days left to this year's...exciiiittteeddd :D ) Apart from the strong/heady fragrance, this seemed okay otherwise. It stays on me for more than 5-6 hours. Available at a price of Rs.180 for 120 ml. RATINGS: 3.75 out of 5

Forgot to mention, none of the 5 deos gave me any kind of skin irritation, whether it contained alcohol or not. Hope you liked my reviews. Do let me know if you have tried any of these. :)


  1. Eva is my fav too. i have the green one :) loved the post title :)

  2. oh u have so manyy.. nice :D

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  3. You bought the Fog thing from where? :o Its not yet available anywhere here yet :o Me have Eva sweet, the orange one :D Its niceee :D
    Oh btw, wish you speedy recovery love :* *hugs*
    Namita <3

  4. I loved the Playboy bottle!..And me counting days too Pooja for Pujo:)

    1. u know what, I find this waiting more exciting than the actual event :P :D..really ...all the arrangements, shopping, pandals under construction, they strike me more than the actual days of the pujo, which ends as soon as it arrives :|

  5. Very nyc review Pooja!! And cute title!! M looking forward to buy Eva wild!! Tempting review! :P :P

  6. Lovely post and a super cute title..Planning to meet Playboy asap ... :P

    1. hehe..thank u...do let me know if you find him interesting ;) :D


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