Vedic Line+ Exfo 10 Avocado Face Scrub Review

Writing this review reminds me that I have a backlog on so many posts, which I have planned to write so many days ago. Anyhoo, today I am going to review the Vedic Line+ Exfo 10 Avocado Face Scrub which I have got around some two months ago, and it was lying unused, but finally I tried and tested it and here is my view on it.

PRICE:  Rs.175



MY EXPERIENCE: Vedic Line+ Exfo 10 Avocado Face Scrub comes in pink tube packaging and that is the cutest part of it. The scrub has a creamy base, and I find the scrub granules, though big in size and hard, doesn't effectively scrub my skin. I really don't get any scrubbed glow after using this. But, yes if you have very sensitive skin, the creamy base makes it a gentle scrub and you can use it, make sure that you don't rub the scrub hard. 

It has kinda sweet wheatgerm/avocado smell to it. I have used it as a body scrub too, and it was again so gentle. What miffed me, that I tried this some two days ago, and after that I have got three zits on my face (ah it pains like hell :( ). Now I won't say this is the sole culprit, since I am changing my skin care products, but I really don't know!

  • Has a creamy base, which makes the scrubbing really gentle.
  • Since it is so creamy, my dry skin doesn't feel any stretchiness.
  • Comes in a pink tube packaging which is hygienic.
  • Those who don't like parabens in their product, would be happy as this is paraben free.  

  • I don't see any visible after effect of this whatsoever.
  • I got a few breakouts the last time I used it, so I am not sure whether I would be using this again.

VERDICT: I am not completely impressed with the effect of the scrub, or rather the lack of it. If have very dry and sensitive skin, and want a very gentle scrub, then you can give this a try.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5
**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. i am not buying this for sure, what about day glow cream...i can see something like that in picture ;)

    1. haven't used that dear..but this Vedic Line+ range is quite intruiging, I am looking out for a few products to try sometime.

  2. nice review Pooja...I was eyeing the BB cream from ths range..

    1. Thanks Preetha, I have tried the BB cream too but it makes my face sweat so much :(

  3. I was planning on buying this.Now, I think I will skip this.Great review

    1. Thanks ammu, u have oily skin no, and this is full cream based, might not suit ur skin.

  4. It's sad that it didn't work good on you :(
    btw, nice review pooja :) As it is creamy, dry skins might love it.

  5. hi pooja.... i have dry skin but i love my hiphop scrub so much that i dont really feel the need now to find a new scrub...but since this may suit my dry skin, maybe i can try this when i get bored with hiphop.... btw, following u with gfc..:)

    1. Hey Jennifer thanks for visiting B.B.B and following too :) I have used and liked only the nail remover strips from HipHop...have heard so much much about their coffee scrub, so might give that a try :D

  6. That reminds me I am still to try this..and now m scared :/


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