Sunday Peek: The Indian Beauty Blog

Another Sunday, time for another Sunday Peek! :D I am loving this series as I get to know about many new Indian bloggers and see this community of Indian beauty blog grow day by day. I hope you all like it too :)
Time to welcome the newbie blogger, who I guess is already much known to some of you, and she is none other than Ritu from The Indian Beauty Blog . :)

Let's take a peek at what her blog is all about?

Women are beautiful, and they always will be! But there is a certain fixed mindset in India regarding skin tone. Girls with dusky/ dark skin tone are frequently looked down upon.. 

This blog has been created, specially keeping in mind, the day-to-day problems a dusky Indian girl faces in her life in relation to make-up. I have generally observed (and also suffered) the fact that most Indian cosmetic companies make cosmetics keeping in mind the fairer skin tones. It is so so difficult to find a foundation at times! I would love to share my experiences in this regard, and I hope this information will be of much use to many girls out there.  

About me: I am a typical Delhiite girl, a Doctor by profession, and now into research. my passion for beauty and make-up started long back, when i was in school. As a young girl, I used to love using mom's cosmetics. With the passage of time, the interest only increased, and here I am, a beauty and make-up Blogger, and I'm totally loving this new-found love in my life to the core! Hope to see you guys at my Blog too! Stay gorgeous!! 

P.S. The blog/ blog owner does not wish to discriminate on the basis of skin colour! "

Dr.Ritu has a number of beauty secrets up her sleeves, don't forget to check her DIYs on her blog The Indian Beauty Blog. Encouragement drives one to work better, so please share some love on her blog. :)

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