Vedic Line Aromatherapy Face and Body Wash with Black Currant Review

Yes, I have been hoarding bath products like anything! :D Continuing with the string of bath product reviews, today I am going to review the Vedic Line Aromatherapy Face and Body Wash with  Black Currant. I loved the fact that it explicitly claims to be a face wash as well as a body wash, as I belong to those special species who love to use their body washes on face, face scrubs on body, lip balms on cuticles and such multitasking products :P

PRICE: Rs.150



MY EXPERIENCE: Vedic Line Aromatherapy Face and Body Wash is a pale violet shower gel, in a pump dispenser bottle. The packaging does make it completely leak proof and travel friendly, but only thing it squirts out so little amount, that I require to pump it 4-5times to get a palm full of the gel. It lathers decently and  washes without leaving my skin dry, but it is not moisturising either. However, my facial skin did feel stretchy when I use it as a face wash. 

Now coming to the smell, I have very limited experience of the Black Currant smell, with one of an ice cream and another might have been of some smoothie or a juice. However, the shower gel reminds me more of an incense stick smell that I couldn't place, but it is certainly invigorating and it relaxes me everytime. It is quite subtle, and hardly lingers on skin. The fact that it has anti-bacterial properties too, is an added benefit in this monsoon. Other than this I didn't notice anything special though it is comparatively pricier than other shower gels, given the quantity.

  • The gel like consistency is perfect, it is neither runny nor too thick, but spreads and foams easily. 
  • Gives decent lather even without a loofah. Honestly, I never used a loofah with this one. 
  • I love the smell, as it is so relaxing.
  • Doesn't dry out my skin and neither does it leave any residual layer.
  • I quite like the no-nonsense, leakproof, travel friendly packaging. Only had it pumped better, it would have been outstanding.
  • Comparatively pricier for the quantity.
  • The smell hardly lingers after the bath.
  • It finished up real fast. Don't know if that's because I liked to use it more, or because the quantity was so less. ;)
VERDICT: It scored mainly for the lovely relaxing fragrance, which I liked the most and the fact that it is gentle enough to be used on face too. If you like trying out new body washes then you might give this a try!

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


  1. i wud luv it if the smell lingered on ... nice review !!

  2. Sounds pretty good..I've used only bb cream and moisturizer from Vedicline+ so far and loved them both...Would love to give a try to some more stuffs from the brand..this included!! :) :) Nice review!!

    1. I have tried the BB cream which I didn't like much :(...testing another scrub from this range :D
      Do give this a try and let me know if u like it :)

  3. this would be handy when I have duties....I don't ve to carry a separate face-wash & shower gel plus the bottle looks travel friendly :)

  4. have to try Vedic Line..Been hearing a lot of good things about them

  5. U use it for face ? It has SLES na..does it dry out ur face ? The smell sounds interesting though..

    1. I am not wary of the SLES as long as it works for me. As I said it doesn't give dry skin but yes a little stretchy feeling is observed!

  6. Nice review..will give this a try!

  7. same here.. my latest obsession now is all bathing stuff :) I am currently using aaranya's black currant variant body wash.. its good too.. havent tried any thing from vedic line yet :( i think its time now :))

    1. hehe :D *same pinch*
      I haven't tried Aaranya...sounds nice though :D


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