PR Info: Bags & Accessories Designer Pinky Saraf at Parampara, Kolkata

On July 6, 2012, the Rotary Club of Calcutta, Chowrenghee in association with the Telegraph will join hands to bring one the fashion industries biggest exhibition. 

The Parampara Boulevard, like its name has become a customary tradition in India’s city of lifestyle and art. The exhibition boast of a great collection of designers showcasing their talents through their work entailing products related to fashion, accessories, jewellery, gifts and lifestyle . The exhibition like last year will be held in the Taj Bengal and will host around 57 stalls of young and happening designers along with other more prominent designers. All the proceeding from the exhibition will be donated to the clubs several social welfare projects.
Pinky Saraf is a Mumbai based accessories designer who was born and brought up in Kolkatta thereby giving her the Bengali passion and mindset towards creativity and the love for everything artistic.

Her trip to self-discovery began six years ago, when Pinky began creating bags for herself. Now a label with high recall amongst the industry, this brand name has travelled beyond the country and to shelves and stores across the globe, including securing some super-exclusive shelf space at Soigne K in New York, boasting the fashion world’s most admirable address, Madison Avenue. 

In India, her creations are retailed at Aza (Mumbai and Delhi), Kimaya (Mumbai and Delhi), Ahaam (Delhi), Study by Janak (Delhi) and many others.

Designed using a wide range of fabrics embellished with exotic stones, Swarovski crystals and gems that create stunning motifs, the clutches and accessories are tailor-made for both contemporary and traditional tastes. A synergy between style and a precise application of superior craftsmanship seamlessly manifests itself in a vast and diverse collection of clutches that are a coveted ornamentation for any formal occasion. 

While the timeless appeal of its trendsetting designs make a signature style statement, Pinky’s creations also have important ethical underpinnings, having been created using only organic and naturally occurring fabrics and faux leather.
To catch a glimpse of the collection don’t forget to visit Stall No. 18 at Parampara Boulevard, 2012.


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