Being A Lazy Bum

Hello my lovely readers! (I hope there are some :P )

I know I haven't posted any reviews for last few days. Well you may construe that to me just being a lazy bum (which I am...most of the times!), or it can be just that I am missing someone badly  :( (do you also feel like not doing anything when you miss someone? ), or the bad headache I am nursing now :P

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Okay I should stop whining. I would soon come up with some good reviews. Meanwhile you can check my first post on IMBB (the site which I have talked about in my first blogpost here) and here goes the link of my post on IMBB where I am reviewing Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss.

And also I have added another page on my blog for you lovely readers to cook up something. Click here to know about what is in store for you.

Please visit the links and share your inputs :)

Thanks. Love you all :-*


  1. hey pooja.. very true.. I have been in this state many a times!! Missing someone is a terrible pain :( Whenever I feel low, I will sleep.. lol I know sounds Gross.. but it works :)

  2. Haha...Even I love to sleep a fav timepass..LOL!!
    Thanks Rekha for stopping by :)

  3. good to see like minded ppl around :) my pleasure Pooja :)

  4. Its k to fl dt way. V all do. Take ur tym n cm bk wth sm gr8 blogs again!


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