Tips & Toes De’Finers - Cobalt Blue Review

Hi all!
Monsoon arrived here 2 days back. Frequent downpours, muddy puddles, gloomy skies ..No I am not fond of it at all and don’t know what is romantic about the above three (people go silly over rains :P )…Okay it is most welcome after a scorching summer…but the cloudy skies is a mood bummer for me. I like sunny days with light breeze and clear blue skies :)
So adding a bit of color to this gloomy day I would review another twist-up eye pencil in my stash from Tips & Toes in shade Cobalt Blue.


Information from their website.
PRICE: Rs.125 (I don’t remember exactly though)
QUANTITY: Not specified. But I guess it to be at 1 - 1.2gm.


I use it on both upper and lower eyelids. I don’t use any primer/base. So the color doesn’t show up nicely on the upper lid. My eyes have slight dark circles, maybe that’s why it doesn’t showup so royal blue on my eyes as in the swatches.
  • Smooth application. Doesn’t tug at the eyes.
  • Didn’t irritate on my waterline.
  • Stays put until rubbed off.
  • Doesn’t smudge but fades away on rubbing.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Nice shades available. Some shades double up as lip liners.
  • The pencil end shows the shade color. So no need to pull off the cap to see the shade.

  • Fades away quickly. Needs reapplication.
  • Color doesn’t show up nicely on eyes(with dark rims) as it does on hands. So, not much suitable for warm/dark skin tones.
  • Availability might be an issue.

It is an okayish product. Nothing too great/bad. One can experiment with it but I will pass and experiment with some other brands. :)

RATINGS: 3 out of 5


  1. ya it looks so good on the swatch..but is not so bright on my eyes...rather a deep black-blue color comes up :|


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