Super Happy!!!...Got Bhumika's Makari Giveaway Goodies Today

Yay! I just received my first giveaway goodies from Bhumika of New Love which just ended a few days back and I was one of the lucky 5 winners!!

So here are the pics of the goodies :D

 Please ignore my hasty handiwork of opening the box as I was super excited!! :D

The pouch is so cute. I loved it the most :P .

The contents are:
  • Two 5 ml sachets of Clarifying Cream.
  • Two 5 ml sachets of Anti-Acne Cream.
  • One 50 gm Whitening and Exfoliating Soap (Read my review of this.)

As I have said earlier that Makari's delivery service is awesome and superfast. I got it in some 4-5 days. You can also get this sample bag from here (If you are in India).

Thanks Bhumika. Loads of love to you. :-* :-*


  1. Thank u pooja...I am soo happy u got it soon..u will like the acnyl cream :)

  2. hey pooja, nice blog... even I won bhumika's giveaway and it is my first win too..I am yet to receive my goodies...

    I am following you now. Do check my blog when you get time.. TC :)

  3. Hey Thanks Indgal!!! I m sure ur goodie will reach u in 1-2 days!! :)


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