Lakmé Lip Gloss – Ritu Beri D2 Review

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Let’s see what is in store for you today. Lakmé Lip Gloss from Ritu Beri collection in Shade D2, which is candy pink in look and also in taste too. This was my first (and quite a few successive ones) gloss buys during my high school days.
Nowadays, they are known as Fruit Shock lip gloss available in shades:  Strawberry, Vanilla, Bubblegum. And also the price has increased.


PRICE: Rs.125 (Now available at Rs.150)




I apply my lipglosses on bare lips. This really gives me a glassy lips effect. Following is my take on the product,

  • Comes in a plastic tube with nozzle on the mouth. I feel it is quite a hygienic technique since you can clean the mouth of the tube after every use as I have said earlier too.
  • It gives a baby pink glassy look to the lips giving a fuller pout.
  • Sweet strawberry candy taste. Liked it sometimes. Sometimes hated it.
  • Stays put for 1-2hrs without eating/drinking.
  • Pocket friendly. Lasts for quite a few months even on regular usage.
  • Gives sheer color. No shiny particles/glitters present.
  • No leakage problem encountered till now.

  • A bit sticky to the feel. Not OTT though.
  • Smells like sweet cough syrup. Yucks!
  • May not give much coverage to highly pigmented lips.
  • Doesn’t leave any tint after it fades away and is bit drying after it fades (atleast I felt so).
  • Transfers to objects when touched.

This has been my HG lipgloss in highschool days. But now I am bored and would like to try some other brands. When you have options why not try them out too. Of course those who haven’t yet tried it surely can go for it once.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5.


  1. Thanks for the review...yeah it's a bit sticky otherwise I love the Pink shade !!!

  2. OMG, I love the shade! It's so pretty. Darn, I wish we could have this brand here in the Philippines... ---> Van <3


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