Hello everyone.
Since this is my first blog post I would like this post to give a brief overview of this blog and the blog owner :P :D

Firstly, WHO I AM?
Well to start with my name is Pooja. Born and brought up in Kolkata.

Not much. I am pursuing my post-grads in Computer Application. Other than that taking my baby steps to be a blogger.

I always wanted to blog about something since ages. But I was not sure about the subject of that “something”. I always wanted to blog about something which would be of help to others. While searching for some products and their reviews online a few months back I came across a beautiful Indian beauty website IMBB which has blogs reviewing tons of products. I was so overwhelmed to see the effort of those lovely ladies who put across their experience of a product so nicely which is a great help to all makeup newbies like me. Well I was not ever a make-up addict, but regular visits to this site makes me crave for all those goody-goody stuff and more. I feel like a kid in a candy store who would love to have all the stuffs out there. Then I came across a friend who blogs on beauty products. Something clicked and I got the idea for that “something” to blog about, thanks to IMBB and that friend.

So here I am with my blog. I know it seems just another blog on beauty but I think “the more is less” when we try to find a solid review on some product we badly want. This blog is not only about make up but can be any beauty products. You will see here  reviews from streetmarts to high-end stores products. And not only that, I would also talk about my favourite books or movies or whatever I think or feel to share with you.

However, I would like to add all the reviews done here by me (unless otherwise mentioned) would be “my” experience with the product and you may or may not comply with the views. Keep in mind that we all have different skin types, allergies, habits, and nature. So what works for me may not work for you in some cases and vice-versa.

One more thing I would like to add. I am no big writer. I would write here just as I talk in real with my friends. So please excuse my “has”s and “had”s and any such mistake which may creep in unintentionally.

I hope this blog helps you in some way or another. If you like what you see here then please spread a word for my blog. That would be the biggest form of encouragement to me.


  1. Awesome Pooja.......Congrats a ton on your first blog.....Keep rocking....

  2. thank u so much pri....ur comment is a dose of ya...

  3. Very matured content, even for a first blog. Congrats n all the best!

  4. I have posted this in my about section..could not give a better description than this :)

  5. oh i was so glad to see u checked out my blog :-)
    yea i am very new and hardly kno wot to do.. really. u mite hve guessed looking at my blog :P
    anyways ur blog looks up and working! Good Luck!!!! i am following ur blog and i hope u follow too.

    Have a Pink Day!
    btw my name is Zathi.. and im from Sri Lanka :P

  6. Thats a nice name..Zathi :)
    Thanks for following...ur blog is good and will pick up mileage soon if u r regular with the posts...

  7. Hope so :-)
    yea i am trying.. being pregnant makes me really tired :P

  8. Congratulations :D :D !! Wish u n ur baby (inside u :P) all the happiness :)
    keep up with the good work on ur blog !


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