Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy – Cherry Review

Hello beauties! Today I am giving a short and superfast review of a “shorty” lipbalm product (in size ofcourse!) i.e. Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy in Cherry “flavour”. Do we need a lipbalm for summers?? Well, those who gets chapped lips also in summers should use it…and lazy bones like me who always go for minimal makeup can substitute this for lipstick/lipglosses, just for moisturizing purpose only.


PRICE:  Rs. 95


INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, kokum butter and cherry extract. Has got SPF-15

Info from the website:
The Lip Therapy's highly active moisturising formula with high concentration of Shea and Kokum butter, helps to repair dry, cracked and chapped lips and protects them from the drying effect of cold, dry winds of winter, making them looks look healthier and smoother.
Other Flavours: Vanilla, Velvety Rose, Fresh Mint.


A product, that has got sunscreen protection for lips. And I believe it stood up to its claims.


  • Goes on smoothly on lips.
  •  Not too waxy.
  • A very fruity(strawberry kind) smell which I love.
  • I don’t have chapped lips. But can assure you it will help to heal chapped lips because it is quite moisturizing.
  • Makes your lips appear smoother and adds a bit of shine like plain gloss.
  • Gives sun protection as it contains SPF 15.
  • Stays put for hours until rubbed.
  • Comes in cylindrical retractable tube like in lipsticks. So, non-messy compared to tub-form lipbalms.


  • The retractable tube turned out to be faulty. It does not let the whole product go back inside and I have to put a bit pressure with finger/lips on the top of the balm.
  • Doesn’t give any tint.
  • A bit pricey for just a day-to-day lip-balm.


It is a nice moisturising lip balm. Maybe I would buy it again when this finishes but in some other variant and I hope it won't turn out to be faulty package like this one. And yes I recommend it to you too.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5.

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  1. Great review. I should try this. =) Lovely blog. Now following. It'd be great if we could follow each other.


  2. I came across your article thru IMBB :) nice article.. Following you now :) I too use this lip therapy but in fresh mint variant. I was surprised to see the retractable tube problem coz even mine has the same issue. now I guess thats how they manufacture these tubes :)

  3. @Dreamer...I guess the whole batch had some fault maybe...Thanks for following...much appreciated. :)


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