Lotus Herbals Hypnotica Eye Contour Definer - Onyx Review

Some love kajals, some like eyeliners. Me love this twist-up eye-kohl pencils. The first kohl liner I tried was of Lakme, then Tips & Toes, etc. Recently I bought this Lotus Herbals kohl liner in black(Onyx shade) color. Such kohl liners/pencils have a twist-up body (like in some pens)  and you need to twist the body so that the head of the liners/pencils comes out.
Lotus Herbals is a trusted brand of herbal products. After their success with beauty products like sunscreens, creams, lotions, scrubs, etc they are moving onto cosmetics too.

Lotus Herbals Eye Liner is enriched with Botanical Extracts and Vit. E . It is 100% vegetarian & free of animal products.

Left: 1swipe Right:3-4 swipes

 after being rubbed lightly.

PRICE:  Rs. 199


Other than above nothing else is listed.

I apply this on my upper eyelids and on the waterline too. Those who like smudged eye makeup looks will be happy to use it since it smudges.

  • It is water proof, so don’t worry if you suddenly get tearful. This won’t run down your cheeks along with your tears.
  • Smooth application. Doesn’t tug the eyelids.
  • Doesn’t irritate my waterline which is surely a plus point.
  • Doesn’t have any irritating smell.
  • Comes with an in – built sharpener in case you want to sharpen to get a fine application.
  • Stays put until rubbed off.
  • The cap fits tightly and the body is sturdy.


  • The colour is okayishly dark. I would have loved it if it was more dark. Don’t count it as a con. Just my personal liking.
  • Smudges like anything. And that too very unevenly. Like if you accidentally touch your eyes it will be swiped off. You can simply rub it off with your fingers.
  • Need 2-3 swipes to darken and bring out the actual colour.
  • I once tried of sharpening it and accidentally put some extra pressure, which resulted in breaking off the whole product from inside the body :( . But somehow I managed to put it back and it is still holding on.
  • The price can be a bit on the pinching side to some considering the quantity.

Overall a satisfactory product. It is herbal too. So I might try it again once I finish off  my present one and also I recommend it to you to try it once.

RATINGS: 3.5 out of 5

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  1. I can swear by this one. Its very good n harmless for the eye!

  2. I tried this Aqua Green, but it was totally different shade and not the one shown in the cover :(..but the product is good and stays long last than Lakme 9-5

  3. @Pranadhi It is actually quite good if you are okay with the pigmentation :)


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