Guest Posts

Hello my lovely readers. This page belongs to you. Yes you!! :D

Well if you are just itching to write a review of any product or do a makeup tutorial but don't have a blog to share or want to experiment first before starting one of your own, tada... here is a free space for you :)

I would welcome your lovely posts. Only keep in mind a few rules ( I know rules are to be hated...Still! )
  • Make sure the product you are reviewing is not already reviewed on this blog.
  • Use atleast 500 words and 3 pictures to support your post. If you want to do a tutorial  you can decrease the number of words and increase the number of photos.
  • You can also do posts on social issues but that should be related to women. No political issues please.
  • It is for fun and it is free. No payment would be given or taken for any posts entertained here.
  • The blog and blog-owner is not liable for privacy and copyrights of any picture, comments on the post submitted by you.

So what are you waiting for, write up your posts and email them to me at :) 

* You are requested to follow the Guest Blogger policy on B.B.B.

 Guest Blogger: Arpita Tiwary