Fiama Di Wills Shower gel – Exotic Dream Review

A nice shower helps you feel clean and rejuvenated. And what better than to incorporate some nice shower gels in your bath to extend that feeling. I have tried a number of shower gels by Palmolive, Lux and recently Fiama Di Wills. Today I am going to review about the Exotic Dream variant of Fiama Di Wills Shower gel range.
I am using this product variant for almost 1 year and I absolutely love it. Why so, well read on…

PRICE: Rs.99

QUANTITY: 200ml. Also available in smaller quantity.



  (ABOVE 2 PICS TAKEN FROM GOOGLE IMAGES)                                                                                                         


 Above is a snapshot of ingredients list. Please enlarge the pic to see.


I use this shower gel twice or thrice a week.Sometimes I also use it on face and it never irritated my skin. It gives a squeaky clean feeling.


  • As the name suggests, Exotic Dream, the smell is just like that. I am not fond of citrusy smells. So I use this variant. And I just love the smell.
  • It claims to contain glitter beads which show up in bottle or on your palm but not like actual beads which acts as a scrub. And no it doesn’t leave any glitter on the skin. It leaves only fresh clean looking skin.
  • Lathers up decently with a loofah.
  • 6-7ml quantity is enough for one wash.
  • It comes in bottle with a flap. Hence hygienic.
  • You get a free loofah which is of good quality and slightly perfumed. Trust me, I have come across many loofahs which are of scratchy quality or had some pathetic smell.
  • It is such a lovely purple gel.
  • Reasonable price for 200ml quantity.


  • Only one thing that the mouth of the bottle may become messy if proper care is not taken.


I am using this product for past 1 year and will continue to use it. And I do recommend to you too.

RATINGS: 5 out of 5. 

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  1. Nice! hoping to try this but im not sure if its availabe here

  2. Hey Zathi you can find these at Wills Lifestyle store too I guess.

  3. I guess the company has disconitued this this product. Used to be my favourite as well. Tried looking for it but all efforts went in vein.

    However, love your blog and you're doing a great thing by updating us with honest reviews on various products in the market :). Keep up the good work.


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