Today I am not reviewing any product. I am a bit busy today, also my net is giving me a hard time, so I am doing a short post on favourite books, novels and authors as I have said in my first blog post that I would do.

I love ebooks. I know many like to read paperbacks only and love the smell of new books. Me too love that but when your pocket does not allow you, ebooks quenches the thirst of reading books. And I don't know of any person who doesn't like FREE things on this planet.
Presently, I am hung on to Nicholas Sparks (famous by book/film A walk to remember). I am trying to search all his novels that are available online. The best novels from this author I have read are: The Wedding (loved it the most), Message in A Bottle, The Notebook (you will surely cry if you read it), and others like Dear John, Safe Haven etc... The first three I mentioned have been filmed and I watched them and liked them too (though the books are surely better).

So let today's post be a little interactive. Tell me about your favourite authors, novels or reads (it can be newspaper/magazine posts too).


  1. P.S: a small mistake...I cudnt find any film for The Wedding...though I would have loved to c it.

  2. I didn't read the book, but I loved the film, Notebook. A walk to remmbr is also okay as a film.
    I read Hungry Tide by Arindam Ghosh, last. The backbone of the book is its language. Without it, the book it nothing.


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