Lakmé Perfect Radiance Multi-mineral Skin Lightening Compact – Beige Honey (05) Review

GOSH! It is soooo soooo hot here. While I am writing this, I feel like a melting-down-ice-cream, if you know what I mean!! But since I can’t spare you guys and had to torture you with my blog posts :P, so here I am with another one.
Today I am about to review one of my recent-buys compact: Lakmé Perfect Radiance Multi-mineral Skin Lightening Compact in the shade Beige Honey which the SA selected for me saying it is perfect for “pink”ish complexion…that’s a first one I heard. Anyway, being a kind soul :P I obliged and bought it and bless the SA..I was not disappointed!
The compact does give a radiant look and it is better than the previous versions of Lakmé compacts in quality I felt after using it. Why so? Well read on..

PRICE: Rs.150


INGREDIENTS: Not listed. Only except the following info on the back.

I apply it on my bare face (moisturised but no foundation). After a few minutes of application it gives a nice dewy look which I like and wished it stayed for longer hours. But due to perspiration (I do profusely if humidity goes up a notch) it doesn’t stay like that for long.

  • Love the effect it produces after application as said above.
  • Blends on skin perfectly.
  • The shade is perfect for my skin tone (fair to wheatish with yellow undertones).
  • Didn’t give a cakey look.
  • Nice subtle smell. Nothing OTT.
  •  Didn’t clog pores.
  • Has got SPF 20 so acts as a good sunscreen. But I can’t emphasize the claim because I don’t get tanned on the face easily.
  • Didn’t break me out. (I get break outs but I can’t blame it upon this because I got them prior to using this product).
  • Comes in a sturdy compact case with touch-up mirror attached inside. The case comes again in a packaged box. Lakmé is seriously improvising their packaging . I also like the colour and design of the package.
  • Price is pocket friendly, though quite high than their previous compacts.

    • The applicator puff is of the worst quality I think. It is so thin that I think if I try to wash it, nothing would remain of the puff.
    • A bit of perspiration and wiping it off leaves nothing of the compact behind. So, good for dry weather only.
    • Doesn’t give any coverage to blemishes or marks but then doesn’t highlight them also.
    • No complete list of ingredients is given.

      A nice compact and is quite suitable for my skin. So, I like it very much. And of course the brand is one many counts upon. You would get the Maybelline Whitestay UV compact for the same price. But I would recommend you to try this.

      RATINGS: 4 out of 5.

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      1. Hi I have the same compact and I love it, better than anythingelse!

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      3. hey u hv a nice blog here... u hv a new follower :) i hv d same compact but i havent even started to use it yet... hehehehe ...tym to open d box :)

      4. hey rids...thanks a lot for following back...and ya use it soon...what shade did u get??

      5. nice blog here... u hv a new follower i hv d same compact but i havent even started to use it yet
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