Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick - Shade Apple Springs (04) Review

Hey lovelies! Hope you all are doing fine. I am here today to review my kind-of-first lipstick.... (well the first one solely bought 'for myself' , 'by myself', with 'my pocket money'..hope you get what I mean! :P )....as you might know I am a lipgloss lover. :)

As I have said earlier too , Elle18 comes with dirt price, quirky packaging, and numerable shades availability. The brand recently got a nice makeover and is now known as Elle 18 Color Bombs with a cute name for each of its range. The lipstick range is named as Color Burst Lipstick. There are some 25 shades available. See the pic below.

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The shade I am reviewing is Apple Springs.

PRICE:  Rs.100

4.3 ml

Contains Cocoa butter. Other than this nothing is mentioned.




The shade Apple Springs is a nice red color with some coral/orangish undertones. It looks very bright when applied on plain lips. When I applied it on my bare lips, though it made my face look bright, however I think this particular shade made me look more old than my age :P and this is not at all a daytime wearable shade. The shade is much more wearable in evening/wedding parties/festivals etc, with traditional Indian outfits.

I now use it in the following manner. First I apply some lipbalm on my lips and then dab some of this lipstick over it and rub both upper and lower lips to even it out. The result is a nice reddish lips which look very natural (more like tinted lipbalm) and is so wearable in the daytime.


  • The color is opaque and gives a good coverage with one swipe. I think this should work on pigmented lips too.
  • Comes with Cocoa butter. Love the smell. And also it wouldn't dry up your lips.
  • It won't pinch your pocket much.
  • Elle 18 Color Burst Lipsticks are surely safe and best buys for makeup newbies like me who are on hunt for their right shades to suit their skintone best.
  • I love the cute packaging.

  • It bleeds/feathers. But I think it could be solved using a lip liner (I didn't use it ).
  • It fades away unevenly, which is the major turnoff for me.
  • Staying power is not good.
  • Transfers to objects.


I love the effect when I use it like in the second method explained above. Except the second con stated above I don't have much problem using this product. Comeon, at 100 bucks, a lipstick with goodness of cocoa butter, and so many shades availbility is surely a good grab. I recommend it to all makeup newbies like me who don't want to create a deep hole in their pocket and yet try out some fun shades.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5


  1. I think this color will suit fair skin tones.. not my color.. Love the packaging.. Need to check them out next :)

  2. I think it will look very bright on fairer tones too.. Ya not very suitable for olive-dark tones...!! :) But there are many lovely shades to try from!!

  3. Never had a chance to try any of the elle 18 stuff coz we dont get them here.. the packaging is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute isnt it! and its quite cheap.. wana check out the other shades and get it down frm india when someone visits :P

  4. Ya do that...do u have someone here in India?


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