Time to indulge in some GIVEAWAYS GALORE and have fun

Following are some fantastic giveaways i am participating in. Join in the fun.(UPDATED)

Note: I changed my GFC name today to Pooja_G . Hope this wont create a problem in the already participated Giveaways.

  • Bhumika of Newlove makeup holding giveaways for the Sigma F80 Brush. Enter Bhumika's Giveaway here  and A makari giveway here

  •  Madiha is holding a huge giveaway for her 2000+ followers here. Go n check it out!!

  • Cali of beautydiaries is holding a mega giveaway of oriflame goodies. Check out her giveaway here.

  • Gem of makemeunder is having a giveaway and she is giving some lovely MAC, OPI and other drugstore goodies. Enter her giveaway here . Make her reach 500 followers.



  1. I love the effort u have put in these blogs. Its fantastic!

  2. Beautiful blog :-D and i love Hello Kitty :-D
    Please do visit my blog as well!


  3. Hey jus luv readin ur posts.......Keep up d gud work :)

  4. Thanx re!! :)
    Follow kor...I would be more happy :P


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