Its OK to have dreams.
Its OK to have ambitions.
Its OK to prepare yourself to achieve those dreams and ambitions.
But is it OK to hamper a childhood for achieving the same?
Following is a news snippet I came across yesterday and was terribly shocked to see that a Mother is injecting a 8 years old child with Botox supplements to turn her into teenage model and beauty pageant!
A child who is deprived of the normal innocence and fun filled days like other children so that she can become a Supermodel/Singer/Actress someday! I am shocked what is this world coming to?

Here is what the Mother has to say -  "
‎I know one day she will be a model, actress or singer, and having these treatments now will ensure she stays looking younger and baby-faced for longer."
Image taken from the given link.
 For the full news follow the link,  
 What do you think about this news? Please share your views.


  1. i was totally gape-mouthed while reading the news...

  2. ya I had read that before...very sad actlly dat our society is such !

  3. yes Bhumika its truly sad to see overzealous attitude of these kind of people regarding their children...I feel bad for that child who doesn't have much idea what is going on with her life!

  4. yes it is...!! I hate this kind of obsessions.

  5. afterwords the mom said it was all a set up and she was highly paid for making the news up. Whether its true or not, it was still wrong on her part to make her daughter go thru this and media acted like crap as usual. makes you wonder, is anything that you hear on the news true at all??

    1. OMG...I didn't know that..or maybe the mother wanted a cover up...who knows!


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