Me and My Sulking Mood

Its raining continuously for more than 24 hours here. So dreary and gloomy day it is.And the gloom is spreading on me :(

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So what do you do when you sulk (apart from sulking :P) ??
Me: Of course I don't do review of any product....the risk is there that I might only say bad things about it!!
So tried to alter my mood by watching a film. I am complete bollywood buff. Today I watched Kucch Luv Jaisa. Have you watched it?? How did you like it??
Oh and made some chowmein for dad and bro for a snack just now. Don't ask how it tastes! Me not a cook much!
And weather forecasts say it is going to rain tomorrow also.

Ok, I won't bore you with my whining anymore. Will come up with some mood buster posts to perk up myself and you sweet readers soon.


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